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Hello guise. Welcome to my profile ^^
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Let me just tell you about me ^^
My name is Cindy
I am female
I am 16 years of age
I'm currently living in Antarctica, USA
I like anime and roleplay :3
I'm bi /.\
I'm 5'6"

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1. Cute ^.^
2. Hot c;
3. Beautiful c:
4. Ew \:
5. Ugly >.<
6. Gorgeous <3
7. Date me ^3^
8. I want you in bed ;D
9. Kiss me *;
10. I love you <3
11. I wish you were dead </3
12. Best friends (/^3^)/\(^w^\)
13. Just friends x3
14. Stop trying so hard -.-

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Name: Emma
Age : 18
Species: Neko
Height: 5'7"
Info: Trained in MMA. Has anger issues. Acts and dresses like a tomboy. Prefers to be around someone most of the time. Very playful. Often curious

Kik: DinoCatRawr

Thanks for stopping by. Toodles, now ^.^

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