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Name: Connor Gilleo

Age: 15

Race: Caucasian

Hieght: 5,10

Gender: Male

general outline of who i am i am a 15 year who is atending highschool

in my first year i am training to become a welder i hopefully wish to

work at electric boat or linkin electric to build ships and subs for the

navy. now that we have gotten that out of the way i shall drone on

about how boring myy life is well i have 2 sisters 2 brothers

i am the 3rd youngest in the family i plan to go into military service out

of highschool into the usmc in hopefully the engineering corps well

thats it now goodbye

Oh what is this your still reading this now thats nice i geuss you want

to know more about me my likes, dislikes, what makes me tick on the

inside up in my cranium well sure i enjoy listening to a few types of

music rap, metal, rock, heavy metal, death metal,and a few other types

of metal i like firearms when i see one i want to know how it works

what ammo it uses was it ever used in a war and how can i take it

apart also what it does to a person, that is one i like books cant list the

genres too many, i also like the walking dead i also like things that

pertain to violence

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