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Ello! Yhuu Have Tapped Into My Profile

Names Renee My age... Ask me lml The Way i look i have dark brown hair , brown eyes , long hair crap like dat And Yes My Sweethearts Imma Girl in case u didnt knoe.And Im From NY

Skipping To the things u gotta know Bout Meee Is Dat

1. Im Black (Dont Bullly Me For What I Am )

2. My Favorite Throwback person from a movie called " juice " Is Tupac yea Dont judge me Jusst mad cause chu aint loyal

3. My Celeberity Bae is......
August Alsina! He Cute And i love his music

4. Im Friendly, sweet , kind , loving,..... Sometimes when you mess with my fam u mess wit me k?

ENOUGH Bout Dat Skipping To Relationships

Single(yes I knoee )

Taken(Idk when hmm?)

Married(Skurrt!! stop There)


Happy (Ehh Mabe)

Sad (nope)

loved (not yet)

What I Am:

Straight (yes)
Lesbian (no)
bi (no)
[email protected] (really -_- )

Would To Love to have a good ass best friend , playing around, funny people , someone being there for me, to be heard dat im pretty instead of being bullied.

Fake people, bullies , skirts , dresses , mean people , people dat think there they are so hard (when they are not) , people dat talk smack but not said to in person, the color yellow , green.

Pm me , comment , add me , Watever u wnt its freee!


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