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EMOGIRL23: holy dang i haven't been on here in so looooong this is so oldddd ecksdee
SwiftlyFox: One day i hope to come on and see another soul in chat
SwiftlyFox: What an old memory
SwiftlyFox: Man
redpaw318 as Commentator: Only person in chat lol
redpaw318 as Commentator: Omg
Nathony1: OH
Nathony1: R
ColdFire: so inactive that my message from months ago is there
ColdFire: true that
takahata101 as Reigai: I miss coming here after school to chill. Times were good then
sempiblaze: no
rondon35: @~jake~ touch my thigh
rondon35: Gay
~jake~: Yeah say 64 to be in a fantasy rp lmfao. I remember doing that.
Fluffeh: Oh, not that kind of roleplay chat huh
Fluffeh spits on your face
NEXUS has raeged for 10 minutes
NEXUS: query ShadowBrave15: member
MissInara: cake
MissInara: heart
MissInara: magenta
MissInara: Hi!
MissInara: Hmmn???
MissInara: Hey!!!
MissInara: ....Hello?????
MissInara: It's Ben 10 Week day 3
MissInara: Guys??
MissInara: Hello!!
SadCassette1994: well im new
Metro3ds: laddergoat
ColdFire: Honestly thought with this pandemic, there will be more people here
M Carmilla inhaled deeply. “It’s good to be back..”
M Carmilla snorts rail
BFF1Brendan: pp poo poo
BigDaddy: anyone else out here?
BigDaddy: oh nvm
BigDaddy: why dont my messages send
BigDaddy: hi
Rcmoney373: Goodbye
QueenAngel jumped out of the trashcan: "Is it over!" They found a useless rotten fish in the trashcan...
QueenAngel wiggled in the trashcan
QueenAngel wiggled in the trashcan
QueenAngel wiggled in the trashcan
QueenAngel wiggled in the trashcan
NEXUS: test
epicstreet: 1
SackThing101 as ߅ѯ؏: 1
SackThing101 as ߅ѯ؏: 1
SackThing101 as ߅ѯ؏: 1
Pusheen: ill be an 18 year old milf who teaches english
Pusheen: ok press 1 to join
SackThing101 as ߅ѯ؏: high school rp?
KaptonChaos as Grand Dad: “HNNNGGGGGGG”
KaptonChaos as Grand Dad: “I’m cumming so hard”
KaptonChaos as Grand Dad: *I jizz all over the walls*
Narwhal: Do the Bosnian war criminal
ShadowBrave15: Ack
pippi363 as Eklipso ponders how humans lived in the past
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