Remember me:


Greetings everyone,

Some of you may already be aware, but I'd just like to officially inform you all of the details of a recent tweak in the way some moderators will be moderating:

Chat Moderators are no longer required to issue a warning for the following offenses:

- Swearing or bypassing the automatic swearing censor
- Sharing links to explicit NSFW or other adult/illegal content
- Spamming/flooding with malicious intent
- Online dating and/or cybering
- Sharing personal information

[Hypothetically] Repeated offenses within a week's time from your ban may result in a longer ban time than before.

Moderators are not strictly obligated to withhold warnings for these offenses--they may warn if they feel compelled to, however I wouldn't count on it.

But Why?

I think it doesn't need to be said, that deliberately bypassing the swearing censor is against the rules (as are any of the other offenses that are listed above). Warnings should be a notice to let users know when they've crossed a line that they might not be aware of...such as getting too rude during a disagreement, or bringing up an inappropriate topic, or violating other subjective rules. It's to let the user know what the moderator on duty considers to be a violation of those rules...unlike a violation like bypassing, which isn't in any way subjective.

"But what if I accidentally bypass?"
You shouldn't be swearing to begin with (note the rules). Accidentally hitting a double letter in a swear word that would result in bypassing the censor doesn't mean you're inherently innocent...Mods still have grounds to ban you for "accidental bypasses" since you shouldn't be swearing. The only reason mods don't warn when we see a misplaced smiley face, is because the smiley is also a harmless emoji that can be placed without we can't know what the original context was.

If you somehow manage a freak accidental bypass that wasn't intended to be a swear at all, I'm sure the moderators will be competent enough to recognize that it was an honest accident and leave you alone.

It's hardly much of a change that will affect the most of you at all, unless you're an avid deliberate rule-breaker.

Posted on 2016-06-06 00:05:43 by Lani

Before I start, I would like to note that it is planned to unsticky this thread in the near future as everyone around the time this got posted got the message anyway. Perhaps by the end of September 21st 2016.
Hello, users of 3DSPlaza. It has been a while.
This thread will be about a security vulnerability that got fixed very recently and what should be done to reduce the risk as a result of it.
Do read on for more details.
What is going on here?
Around a month ago, a security vulnerability was discovered in the comment system that made SQL injections possible. More preciously, in the comment viewer (status and profile, both shared). This would use a GET query to get the table name and then put it into a query (note that it is arbitrary) and that would be the hole.

Why should I care / how severe is this?
This allowed the ability to grab system and other information such as user credentials, generic user data (email, IPs, points, privileges), misc data. Basically, access to all information stored on 3DSPlaza's database and possibly other databases that are not to do with 3DSPlaza.
It is not known for sure if anyone discovered this previously and stored the captured information for malicious usage later on. There is a chance that is the case, however.
Considering that it had been vulnerable ever since it was first built (presumably back in 2011), it would be a bit of a risk to look away pretending that you have not read this thread.

Am I at risk?
Anyone is. Or at least, the more older users are. More details are in the next section.

What should I do?
** If you have not changed your password before the date 14/04/16 (dd/mm/yy) then it's advised that you change your password. **
You would be more prone to having your current login credentials being in any SQL dumps in any shape or form that might have been created before that date.
Again, there is a chance that this might have happened.

Created an account on or after that date? You are fine. Just ensure that your password is not something as simple as a usernane.
(The date mentioned is put a little later than when the tests got performed and when it got patched because of the time zones, FYI.)
The passwords are hashed in such a way here that you most likely do not need to worry about changing it on external sites if you are using the same one on those for whatever reason. You might decide to do so anyway which would most certainly be a wise move.

What if I choose to ignore what you said?
It is not mandatory, looking at how not so visible the vulnerable script location was.
Not ignoring would ensure that the account is secure enough.
Your account, your choice.

I have a few banned accounts but because of account switches. Should I take action on those?
If you do plan on switching back, go ahead. Banned users can perform some actions but their actions will not do anything major so do not worry if those do happen to get compromised.

My account got compromised because of a method related to this. Help?
The password cannot be changed unless the one accessing the account knows the password in plaintext (AKA the original).
So essentially, you would still be able to access your account and lock the hacker out by simply changing the password to something else that cannot be guessed so easy (something other than reordering your username as your password).
EDIT (30/06/16): It was discovered that passwords can still be changed once the account has been obtained. Change your password if this could affect you. The ID for that issue would be PZ2 (awaiting contact with administration).
EDIT (04/06/16): PZ2 has been patched. Email changes now requires current password.

I have a question / comment ...
Sure. State what you have in mind below and I will try to clarify things. I don't expect everyone to understand some of the technical terms mentioned here right off the bat.
Note that some details will not be provided in regards to this for reasons.

I do not understand what you are saying. Simplify? / Can not be bothered reading all of that. / Tell me in short.
Too Long; Did not Read! If you created your account or last changed your password before 14/04/16 (dd/mm/yy), you might want to consider changing your password just to ensure that your account is secure as it can be.
To reclarify: this has already been patched. Vulnerabilities such as these will never be publicly disclosed unless they get resolved or if they are way less severe.
This entire post is about what might have happened during the time of when it could be attacked and how to deal with it.

Posted on 2016-05-17 01:32:47 by NodePoint

Hello everyone! ChampionLeake here, resuming the 3DSPlaza Weekly. Sorry (AGAIN) if I haven't been posting your Weekly for a long time. Life keeps catching me in battle . I'm surprised this actually turned into a monthly . Yes I am back with this weekly newspost containing 3DSPlaza headlines, Nintendo, and possible upcoming events or giveaways from users. So lets get started. I have a lot to tell you.

3DS Firmware update 11.0.0-33 Available:

To start things off, Nintendo has once again finally released another 3DS system update for both New and Old 3DS devices on May 9, 2016 in all regions. This update is for patching the use of homebrew. One of the homebrew methods Ninjhax and OoT3DHax has been patched for now since Smealum is working on a fix for ninjhax. But other homebrew entrypoints such as v(*)hax, humblehax, and supermysterychuckhax work currently on the latest firmware. So if you have just Ninjhax or OoT3DHax do not update if you want homebrew. Also, a lot of eshop games have been pulled from the eshop like, VVVVVV and Citizen's of Earth.

Plaza Account Switch Request by theguyryanb977:
Next, one of the mods, theguyryanb977, has created a tool for users who would wish to change accounts on plaza. All you have to do is just enter your current username, your new username, and mods can see it. I suggest you use this for account switching. But all thanks goes to theguyryanb977 You can find this on Forum thread: 82510.

Monster Hunter Generations: Limited Edition NEW 3DS XL:

For you Monster Hunter fans, Nintendo has annouced to releasing two Monster Hunter Generation themed NEW 3DSXL in July. The European Version will be red and the one in North America will be blue. This will indeed include (Monster Hunter X in Japan) Monster Hunter Generations pre-installed in the bundle. You can pre-order them now at GameSop in the US currently. Also a demo will be made available for the game this summer.

MyNintendo Updates:

Some of you know about the new nintendo reward service "MyNintendo" but there has been two new missions added to the services. Also, the rewards "Mario Suit" and other rewards have been extended. If you do not have a MyNintendo account, try signing up at today to earn some rewards for your 3DS and Wii U devices.

That's all folks for your 3DSPlaza Weekly. Be sure to comment and appreciate this Weekly. If you have any questions just PM me. If you would like to sponsor something related to the Weekly or give any suggestions let me know. Until next time, this is ChampionLeake, signing off until May 22st 2016. Bye.

Posted on 2016-05-14 13:39:54 by ChampionLeake
Account Switch Request Form Announcement

Username changing is a common occurrence here on Plaza. But in order to "change your username", creating a new account is the only option to do so. This requires flagging down a moderator to ask for permission...then they have to go out of their way to accept your new account and ban your previous one. It can be a bit of a hassle for both parties...until now~

Theguyryanb977 has provided us with Plaza Account Switch Request (PASR) forms...a convenient tool to use to register for an account switch.
Simply enter your username into the form, then enter the new username that you registered to be accepted. Moderators can review the requests and will check your IP and/or email to be sure the request is legitimate, if all checks out, they can then accept your new account on Plaza! There's no more need to try to catch a mod at the "right time" or go through the hassle of explaining everything...just submit your request and wait for it to be reviewed.

Because mods are wary of unapproved alts or spammers joining Plaza, many suspicious accounts get declined without question. Often enough, some suspicious accounts are actually just users attempting to account switch. This tool should prevent your new account from being suspected as an unapproved alt, plus it's much easier on mods.

Check out Ryan's announcement in his thread here.

Please note that PASR is not directly affiliated with and is a separate entity provided for the use of 3DSPlaza users.

Posted on 2016-04-28 19:21:00 by Lani

Hello 3DSPlaza users. I know it's been awhile since I gave you some news regarding plaza's current standing. Life got to me again.

Anyway, some of you may or may not know this but today Robdeprop, owner of 3DSPlaza, has updated the chat selection pages. In this, Rob has deleted most of the chatrooms on plaza.

This was requested by members and this was to stop the recent spams on the chats.

There are only 4 chats left of plaza which are "Original Room, Roleplayer Room, Auxiliary RP Room, and ROBOT9000-Bleeding Room.

So no need to panic, Rob was just deleting useless stuff.

That's it for this announcement. Stay tune.

Posted on 2016-04-13 16:20:09 by ChampionLeake

Hello everyone! It's me ChampionLeake back resuming your only lovely 3DSPlaza Weekly. Note that this will be PM'd to everyone now as an official Newspost "PlazaWide". As always in this weekly, I'll be focusing on 3DSPlaza headlines, Nintendo, forums, chats, and upcoming events if possible. So lets start this Weekly "directly" to you.

Happy Birthday 3DSPlaza:

To start this weekly, 3DSPlaza has is now 5 years old. For those who are not aware of this, 3DSPlaza was established exactly January 31st, 2011. Robdeprop, the owner and magikarp master, has established a celebration in the original room eariler today but it's now over (It was very short to me). If you read the PM Rob gave us all 50 3DSPoints celebrating 3DSPlaza's birthday. Once again, Happy Birthday 3DSPlaza.

Valentine's Day Event:

That's right. Valentine's day is coming up on the 14th of February and you lovers will do whatever to please each other. The user, CliffMan, has created a event for 3DSPlaza which is related to Valentine's day. In this event it will include some games, music from CliffMan's radio show, and more. For more information, it'll be best to visit Forum thread: 82075.

3DS exploits alive on 10.5:

Now, Nintendo has recently launched an update to "stabilizated" the 3DS or block some exploits. But many reported some exploits are still alive. One of these 3DS exploits are Ninjhax (Must update the payload first before updating system), OoT3DHax (Must update the payload first before updating system), and Menuhax 2.2. Ironhax is dead. Browserhax was also reborn for both consoles working on the latest firmware 10.5. For the o3DS it's a bit unstable booting you back to the home menu when the orange screen pops up.


New Nintendo 3DS is now supported by Unity:

Yes, Unity has decided to now support the New Nintendo 3DS. Unity will continue to support the original 3DS, but it now wants to target on the latest handheld New Nintendo 3DS. For more information you can go to their official website


Well that's pretty much it for this weeks weekly news. I'm trying so hard to keep it at a constant weekly chore. But life gets thrown at me. So sorry abour that users. Next weekly WILL BE ON February 7th 2016. Stay well my friends.

Posted on 2016-02-01 01:04:53 by ChampionLeake

Hello 3DSPlaza! It's been a while since I newsposted!

Today marks the day of when Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) started and is now 20 years old. Happy Anniversary! \/

If you signed up for the "Pokemon Newsetter" you probably have a new email in your inbox or where ever it is.

To celetebrate, Nintendo has made "Special Edition New 3DS(s)" with a custom Pokemon Red and Blue cover plates. These Special Edition New 3DS(s) also include Pokemon Red/Blue pre-installed. Get it at

Speeking of 3DS(s) don't miss out on the 2DS Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green seethrough units which also includes the virtual console titles Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow/Green and a Mew code(Gamestop excusive to get Mew).

Posted on 2016-01-13 03:50:39 by ChampionLeake

Hello everyone! It's me ChampionLeake back resuming your only lovely 3DSPlaza Weekly. As always in this weekly, I'll be focusing on 3DSPlaza headlines, Nintendo, forums, chats, and upcoming events if possible. So lets start this Weekly "directly" to you.

3DSPlaza 2016!:

To start this weekly off, HAPPY (Late) NEW YEAR 3DSPlaza. Last year wasn't really all that great but I hope this year would be amazing for 3DSPlaza. The lovely Copyright year has been updated to "2011-2016". I just really hope that we get some useful stuff this year for plaza. Leave a comment below what you want for 3DSPlaza this year. I hope everyone will enjoy this year.

NEW Forum Rules:
Since it's a new year for 3DSPlaza that means new rules for the forums. Our Community Manager, Lani, has arranged new rules to keep the forums safe. She spent time making this so she only asks to follow them.She made spoilers to make things easier and they are "General Site Rules", "Thread Creation", and "Comming on threads". It would be wise for all of you to look them on Forum thread: 81914.

Nintendo 2DS Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Special Edition handhelds:

I knew this was coming but whatever. Nintendo has annouced on the official japanese pokemon website that they will be releasing special edition 2DS handhelds. These 4 special editions are all see through shell casing and the colors will be Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow. These Special Edition 2DS handheld will include a eshop game of the Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow gameboy virtual console games. Also some of these bundles will include a Mew event code for Pokemon OR/AS and probably Pokemon X/Y. For more information please visit

Windows 95 running on the NEW3DS?:

If you are still in the homebrew scene, you probably already know about this. A GBATemp user, Shutterbug2000, has found a way to run Windows 95 on the NEW3DS using RetroArch. The developer shows the concept using the popular "homebrew launcher". View the Thread at

Well that is it for this weeks 3DSPlaza Weekly news. Be sure to comment and appreciate this post after reading this. Next weekly will be January 9th, 2015. Take care and good day everyone.

Posted on 2016-01-03 00:40:11 by ChampionLeake
Updated Forum Rules

With a new year comes new rules...that is, just more of an update, to keep things refreshed and applicable.

The moderation staff have discussed and mutually approved of these updates and changes. We are now implementing these updated rules, so please take a moment to acknowledge any changes that you're unfamiliar with.

The previous forum rules can be found here for comparison.

Also, as a note to moderators (and for the community to know as well), questions in the 'help' forum shall only be closed when the OP acknowledges any answers to the thread, and when it's certain that a solution has been given. A minor change in the way things were working before...

General Site Rules show

Just to clarify the general rules that apply throughout the site...

- Do not swear or bypass the automatic swearing censors
- Keep conversations and topics appropriate for all ages. Do not share or discuss NSFW content.
- Be (reasonably) civil and polite. Don't use racist language.
- Do not advertise or share unsuitable links.
- Don't ask for or share personal information

Thread Creation show

1. No useless threads
Do not create a thread that serves no purpose or does not encourage suitable discussion. An example of such a thread might be simply "Add me" or "I like turtles".

2. Don't make threads about specific users (personal threads)
This includes but is not limited to: Reporting users, requesting users to be banned/unbanned, attacking users with insults or arguments, criticizing moderators, "I'm quitting" threads, etc.

3. Don't create your thread in the wrong forum section
Please be sure your thread fits the topic of the forum you're posting it in. Threads in the wrong forum section will likely be moved.

4. Don't spam or flood
Don't post too many forum topics at once, or many useless topics. This may lead to a ban in some cases.

5. Don't make duplicate threads.
Before creating a thread, be sure there are no other active threads that are already discussing your topic in mind. Don't copy other's thread topics if their topic is active.
Avoid making stem articles if there's a general topic already active...for instance, if there's an active "Food" thread for the discussion of...well, food, and you wish to make a "Hamburger" thread for discussing hamburgers...that would be considered a duplicate "stem" thread from the Food thread, which is not allowed.

6. Don't advertise websites
This is mentioned in the general rules, however I'd like to clarify that an exception to this rule is advertising DSi/3DS compatible Sites in the correct forum section.

Commenting on threads show

1. Do not 'bump' an inactive thread
Don't comment on a thread that has been inactive for 20 days or more, unless that thread was on the front page of the forum section.

2. Don't double post
Avoid posting twice in a row. If you forgot to add something to your comment, there's an "edit" button instead.

3. Keep your comments on topic of the thread
Try not to derail discussion from the thread's original topic. If the thread is about your worst camping experience, don't starting talking about how green beans are your favourite vegetables.

4. Avoid posting useless comments or one word replies
The forums aren't the chatrooms. A whole comment space shouldn't be needed just to say: "lol" or "cool". While you may not need to write a whole paragraph to express your reply, please put some effort into your context. Use full sentences.
In some cases, a single word reply may be acceptable, just try to avoid it please.

5. Do not share or encourage NSFW
This is pretty much mentioned in the "general rules", however because we often have "Cute/hot SFW pictures" threads, I have the need to stress this rule.
Avoid sharing pictures or other media that contain sexual undertones/depictions, gore, strong language, or highly disturbing material.

[i]View these rules in the forums

Posted on 2016-01-01 22:44:34 by Lani

I've been seeing it being said daily by so many people, that Plaza is either dead or dying; that the end is near. Please stop doing that.

It's true that Plaza isn't as popular as it once was, and we may have lost many of our veterans and "regulars" (in the chats, mostly), but that does not mean we are dead or dying.

- There are 10+ accounts registered daily. Whether they're all alts or even accepted or not, that's still a high figure for a "dead" website. Realistically speaking, at least one of those must be a legitimate newcomer.

- The forums are active, especially at night. There's roughly 2 new threads made every day in the misc section, and you don't have to wait long to see some replies. Threads that are already created usually reach up to several pages of replies that carry on into other days. Months ago, it was just the same.

- While there's usually only 1 chatroom active, there's always 20+ users in that chat (depending on the time of day, and not counting Nuenez alts), and there's a good amount of them actively talking. 20 is a pretty good number...recently there has even been up to 40 users online in the chats without the help of Nuenez. I recall sometime recently (last week?) that the chat was moving so quickly with civil discussion that I had a hard time keeping up...that's a sign of a healthy number of people.

- Let's not forget the "strictly PM/Profile" users, either.

So let's stop being so dramatic. Of course our numbers are smaller than we used to be, but that doesn't mean we're dying. We don't have to be growing to be alive--we just need to keep at a steady amount to thrive, which we are. It's been months and our condition hasn't gotten much worse even though it may seem that way.
Putting a damper on things by predicting the time and date of Plaza's demise is uncalled for, and probably doing more damage than good (why would it ever be good?). We are a small community, but we're still entertaining enough to come back to, which is what matters.

If you want Plaza to thrive, tell your friends, welcome newcomers, and be nice. As long as you're enjoying it, keep coming back!

If you want Plaza to die....then leave already. Every number adds to our size, which just attracts more people. Every time you communicate to someone here, you're giving them a reason to come back and read what you said.

By the time Plaza does die (if ever), it'll be because nobody cares anymore...and thus, nobody cares, so whining about Plaza's death still wouldn't be necessary. As long as people care, Plaza isn't going to die.

Anyway, I just thought it wouldn't hurt to share this message of positivity. Let's welcome 2016 with the realistic expectation that Plaza will indeed last through this year and the next for as long as we're still enjoying it.

Posted on 2015-12-27 00:48:43 by Lani

Hello everyone! It's me ChampionLeake back resuming your only lovely 3DSPlaza Weekly. As always in this weekly, I'll be focusing on 3DSPlaza headlines, Nintendo, forums, chats, and upcoming events if possible. So lets start this Weekly "directly" to you.

Possible Nintendo NX Controller?:

To start this weekly off, Nintendo has published their codename console "NX" controller patent design. Nintendo has remained silent on their new console and has now published a possible design for the NX. It seems that this possible design is a touchscreen controller and that it's interactive. For more information please visit

Nintendo Direct: December 15, 2015:

Now moving on, Nintendo Direct is coming up in 2 days exactly. In this Nintendo Direct, it'll feature some Super Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS information since this is the final SSB4 Wii U/3DS direct. Also, make your perditions in the comments if you can. Can't wait to see this weeks Nintendo Direct.

MarioErmando's & Badges:

Ah! The wonderful MarioErmando has yet made a successful website. Erman's is a website where you can get your 3DS Custom themes for your 3DS Home menu (IF YOU ALREADY HAVE HOMEBREW). You can post and download you favorite themes from there. Just like but stylish.

Also, check out Erman's badge site where you can get custom badges (since it's now a thing) Visit (IF YOU HAVE HOMEBREW). If you do not know how to get custom badges visit

Plaza+ Extension by Fayne_Aldan:

Tired of plain and want something fun? Then try out Fayne_Aldan's Plaza+. Plaza+ is a Firefox extension for 3DSPlaza. You can get it at Forum thread: 79842.

That's it for your weekly news for 3DSPlaza. Feel free to comment whatever you like. Pleasure posting this and will continue next week, December 20th, 2015. Happy holidays everyone.

Posted on 2015-12-14 00:24:18 by ChampionLeake

recently [original date 6/12/15 dd/mm/yy] there was a MASSIVE update to Steam's support page, allowing users to search for topics across every game on the Steam store and try and fix their issues for games that users have purchased. This is appropriately named "Steam Help Desk" and is much more helpful as an extension to the Steam Support page. However, with the introduction of this new feature, many games that were in development and have their own hidden Steam store page were able to be viewed. Thanks to tools such as SteamDB and the users over at NeoGAF, many games were confirmed to have store pages and the likes.

These games include:
Half-Life 3
Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc
Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
Final Fantasy VI
Bad Rats Show
Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-
Little King’s Story
Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture
Sonic Boom (can't get a link for Boom as no SteamDB link exists -- sorry!)
Earth Defense Force 4.1
Criminal Girls
Stranger of Sword City
One or two of these games have been released, and like all other games in the works development CAN stop at any time. As well as that, the possibility of one or two pages are heavily shady, for example the Half Life 3 page. There's the possibility that the page for Valve's heavily awaited third and (hopefully) final chapter in the Half-Life series is the joke page from the HL3 prank from some time ago.
Other games have been listed to be on Steam, the full list can be viewed here.

So, which games are you personally hyped for? I'm hyped for quite a few, including STEINS;GATE, Danganronpa, Earth Defense Force and others.
>inb4 "Bad Rats Show" becomes the next Steam joke gift game

Posted on 2015-12-12 16:48:42 by Jehuty

Hello everyone! It's me ChampionLeake back resuming your only lovely 3DSPlaza Weekly. First, I'm sorry I haven't been posting Plaza news lately. 3DSPlaza Weekly just needed a break but it's now back. As always in this weekly, I'll be focusing on 3DSPlaza headlines, Nintendo, forums, chats, and upcoming events if possible. So lets start this Weekly "directly" to you.

TrashBattle Delayed!:

First, I want to get this out of the way for everyone to know that Robdeprop's new game "Trashbattle" has been delayed. Robdeprop states that "TrashBattle hasn't been worked on for quite awhile and will be pushed back at an unannounced released date. But in the future I plan to share some more information about the game." Also if you would like to see what the game looks like go to Robdeprop's Official TrashBattle website at and sign up to play TrashBattle once released.

Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow coming to the 3DS Virtual Console:

Some of you all already heard about this but YES. If you haven't been living under a rock for awhile but if you watched Nintendo's recent "Nintendo Direct" 3 gameboy virtual console games are coming to the 3DS Which are Pokemon Red, Blue, and Yellow. These titles will make it's way to the eshop February 27, 2016.

3DSPlaza Event: Xmas 2015 Possible?:

It's that time of the year everyone. It's not confirmed yet that there will be an event on 3DSPlaza Related to Christmas. Those of you who experienced XmasPlaza 2013 may get their wishes if XmasPlaza 2015 happens. We do not know if Robdeprop or SomeLuigi will assign this event but I will have a thread post ready for everyone to make a petition to revive the Xmas Event.

3DS Custom Badges:

Yes. A new homebrew method to make your own badges for the 3DS. For those of you who don't know what Nintendo Badge Arcade is, it's an app that allows you to customize your 3DS Home menu. You can buy or earn free plays to get badges. Visit the eshop for 3DS on the application for more information. If you want to learn how to do this and you have homebrew on your 3DS go to

That's pretty much it for this weeks 3DSPlaza Weekly. Be sure to comment what you think of this weekly. See you next week on the 3DSPlaza Weekly. This is ChampionLeake. Signing off.

Posted on 2015-11-29 21:14:25 by ChampionLeake

Hello everyone! Exciting news I bring you. And yes some of you already know. The 3DSPlaza Register Panel has now been re-opened (AGAIN).

But Nuenez is still out there. So dont expect a pm with NSFW content or spams on your profile. To prevent this, go to Forum thread: 81470. Special Thanks to KingMarc

So. Yeah it's re-opened......again. Thanks Rob/SL.

Good day everyone and Good night.

Posted on 2015-11-16 04:50:26 by ChampionLeake

Yes. One of the most appealing features of the New Nintendo 3DS cover plates are now being sold on Nintendo's online store.

Nintendo of America's online website store are currently selling 10 cover plates.

Nintendo of Japan has more than 60 cover plates on their online store.

Prices range to $9.99 to $16.99.


Posted on 2015-09-26 01:17:17 by ChampionLeake

According to The Verge, Minecraft Story Mode will be heading to the WiiU. While it isn't a main core Minecraft game, it will still be the first appearence of the series on a Nintendo console. The game is set to debut later this year.
Could this mean a main game is in works for the WiiU? Or to be coming for the NX? Comment your thoughts below!

Posted on 2015-08-26 21:01:27 by Shane

This week has been a very exciting week for Smash players! Many rumors has been circulating the internet about Shovel Knight being in Super Smash Bros. First off, a Spanish retailer listed a Shovel Knight amiibo ready for pre-order. But later, Yacht Club Games quickly turned down the rumor. Then other retailers around the world followed. Then on their Twitter and official website saying, "This next week is sure to be an exciting one, including the MEGATON reveal we promised…"

So with PAX Prime being this weekend and Smash Bros will be playable there, so... What do you think? Excited? Leave thoughts!

Source: Nintendo Life

Posted on 2015-08-26 19:47:19 by Nin10dude789

This thread will serve as a petition to make MarioErmando an admin here on 3DSPlaza. If you agree, then click the appreciation button (the +) at the top of this thread to sign.

I believe MarioErmando would be a great addition to the team. He has developed PlazaTools, a browser extension for 3DSPlaza that adds new features, a cSplit generator that was later integrated into the chat, developed an unofficial chatlog for the chat rooms here, and a long time ago, he created a website similar to 3DSPlaza, 3DSFun.

Also, 3DSPlaza hasn't had any major events or updates since the Christmas event of 2013. Rob and SomeLuigi do not do much here anymore, however I'm not saying to get rid of SomeLuigi. Ermando is dedicated to what he does, and does stuff for us all in his free time. 3DSPlaza needs to get regular updates again, like every other website.

I hope you guys can keep this thread alive so Rob and SomeLuigi can see it and consider it. Also, if you can, please tell Rob and SL, but don't bug them about it. I also decided to make this because people have always been saying he should become admin, and now would be a good time.

Posted on 2015-08-05 15:28:35 by Gold

The eleventh installment in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI, was just officially announced by Square Enix earlier today. The game is planned to release on the 3DS, PS4, and NX. Making it the first Nintendo NX game to be announced.

Dragon Quest X, which came out a while ago, was released on the Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and PC, but was never localized and remained a Japan exclusive. The game will most likely not get localized so we'll hope Square Enix hears our pleas with XI.


Posted on 2015-08-01 03:12:56 by Gold

Satoru Iwata, now former president of Nintendo, passed away yesterday. Nintendo claims he died from a 'bile duct growth.' Among other things, he was of course famous for overseeing the Nintendo Direct presentations and would often display hardware and software with Shigeru Miyamoto. Prayers and best wishes to his family and close friends.

'Please Understand.'
--Satoru Iwata, 6 December, 1959-11 July, 2015

Posted on 2015-07-13 00:47:00 by Crush42

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