Remember me:


Greetings everyone,

Some of you may already be aware, but I'd just like to officially inform you all of the details of a recent tweak in the way some moderators will be moderating:

Chat Moderators are no longer required to issue a warning for the following offenses:

- Swearing or bypassing the automatic swearing censor
- Sharing links to explicit NSFW or other adult/illegal content
- Spamming/flooding with malicious intent
- Online dating and/or cybering
- Sharing personal information

[Hypothetically] Repeated offenses within a week's time from your ban may result in a longer ban time than before.

Moderators are not strictly obligated to withhold warnings for these offenses--they may warn if they feel compelled to, however I wouldn't count on it.

But Why?

I think it doesn't need to be said, that deliberately bypassing the swearing censor is against the rules (as are any of the other offenses that are listed above). Warnings should be a notice to let users know when they've crossed a line that they might not be aware of...such as getting too rude during a disagreement, or bringing up an inappropriate topic, or violating other subjective rules. It's to let the user know what the moderator on duty considers to be a violation of those rules...unlike a violation like bypassing, which isn't in any way subjective.

"But what if I accidentally bypass?"
You shouldn't be swearing to begin with (note the rules). Accidentally hitting a double letter in a swear word that would result in bypassing the censor doesn't mean you're inherently innocent...Mods still have grounds to ban you for "accidental bypasses" since you shouldn't be swearing. The only reason mods don't warn when we see a misplaced smiley face, is because the smiley is also a harmless emoji that can be placed without we can't know what the original context was.

If you somehow manage a freak accidental bypass that wasn't intended to be a swear at all, I'm sure the moderators will be competent enough to recognize that it was an honest accident and leave you alone.

It's hardly much of a change that will affect the most of you at all, unless you're an avid deliberate rule-breaker.

Posted on 2016-06-06 00:05:43 by Lani

Before I start, I would like to note that it is planned to unsticky this thread in the near future as everyone around the time this got posted got the message anyway. Perhaps by the end of September 21st 2016.
Hello, users of 3DSPlaza. It has been a while.
This thread will be about a security vulnerability that got fixed very recently and what should be done to reduce the risk as a result of it.
Do read on for more details.
What is going on here?
Around a month ago, a security vulnerability was discovered in the comment system that made SQL injections possible. More preciously, in the comment viewer (status and profile, both shared). This would use a GET query to get the table name and then put it into a query (note that it is arbitrary) and that would be the hole.

Why should I care / how severe is this?
This allowed the ability to grab system and other information such as user credentials, generic user data (email, IPs, points, privileges), misc data. Basically, access to all information stored on 3DSPlaza's database and possibly other databases that are not to do with 3DSPlaza.
It is not known for sure if anyone discovered this previously and stored the captured information for malicious usage later on. There is a chance that is the case, however.
Considering that it had been vulnerable ever since it was first built (presumably back in 2011), it would be a bit of a risk to look away pretending that you have not read this thread.

Am I at risk?
Anyone is. Or at least, the more older users are. More details are in the next section.

What should I do?
** If you have not changed your password before the date 14/04/16 (dd/mm/yy) then it's advised that you change your password. **
You would be more prone to having your current login credentials being in any SQL dumps in any shape or form that might have been created before that date.
Again, there is a chance that this might have happened.

Created an account on or after that date? You are fine. Just ensure that your password is not something as simple as a usernane.
(The date mentioned is put a little later than when the tests got performed and when it got patched because of the time zones, FYI.)
The passwords are hashed in such a way here that you most likely do not need to worry about changing it on external sites if you are using the same one on those for whatever reason. You might decide to do so anyway which would most certainly be a wise move.

What if I choose to ignore what you said?
It is not mandatory, looking at how not so visible the vulnerable script location was.
Not ignoring would ensure that the account is secure enough.
Your account, your choice.

I have a few banned accounts but because of account switches. Should I take action on those?
If you do plan on switching back, go ahead. Banned users can perform some actions but their actions will not do anything major so do not worry if those do happen to get compromised.

My account got compromised because of a method related to this. Help?
The password cannot be changed unless the one accessing the account knows the password in plaintext (AKA the original).
So essentially, you would still be able to access your account and lock the hacker out by simply changing the password to something else that cannot be guessed so easy (something other than reordering your username as your password).
EDIT (30/06/16): It was discovered that passwords can still be changed once the account has been obtained. Change your password if this could affect you. The ID for that issue would be PZ2 (awaiting contact with administration).
EDIT (04/06/16): PZ2 has been patched. Email changes now requires current password.

I have a question / comment ...
Sure. State what you have in mind below and I will try to clarify things. I don't expect everyone to understand some of the technical terms mentioned here right off the bat.
Note that some details will not be provided in regards to this for reasons.

I do not understand what you are saying. Simplify? / Can not be bothered reading all of that. / Tell me in short.
Too Long; Did not Read! If you created your account or last changed your password before 14/04/16 (dd/mm/yy), you might want to consider changing your password just to ensure that your account is secure as it can be.
To reclarify: this has already been patched. Vulnerabilities such as these will never be publicly disclosed unless they get resolved or if they are way less severe.
This entire post is about what might have happened during the time of when it could be attacked and how to deal with it.

Posted on 2016-05-17 01:32:47 by NodePoint
Account Switch Request Form Announcement

Username changing is a common occurrence here on Plaza. But in order to "change your username", creating a new account is the only option to do so. This requires flagging down a moderator to ask for permission...then they have to go out of their way to accept your new account and ban your previous one. It can be a bit of a hassle for both parties...until now~

Theguyryanb977 has provided us with Plaza Account Switch Request (PASR) forms...a convenient tool to use to register for an account switch.
Simply enter your username into the form, then enter the new username that you registered to be accepted. Moderators can review the requests and will check your IP and/or email to be sure the request is legitimate, if all checks out, they can then accept your new account on Plaza! There's no more need to try to catch a mod at the "right time" or go through the hassle of explaining everything...just submit your request and wait for it to be reviewed.

Because mods are wary of unapproved alts or spammers joining Plaza, many suspicious accounts get declined without question. Often enough, some suspicious accounts are actually just users attempting to account switch. This tool should prevent your new account from being suspected as an unapproved alt, plus it's much easier on mods.

Check out Ryan's announcement in his thread here.

Please note that PASR is not directly affiliated with and is a separate entity provided for the use of 3DSPlaza users.

Posted on 2016-04-28 19:21:00 by Lani

It's about time. Not only were they spam grounds, if they weren't being spammed, they were completely empty.

Posted on 2016-04-13 16:20:09 by Chloeci

Hello everyone! Exciting news I bring you. And yes some of you already know. The 3DSPlaza Register Panel has now been re-opened (AGAIN).

But Nuenez is still out there. So dont expect a pm with NSFW content or spams on your profile. To prevent this, go to Forum thread: 81470. Special Thanks to KingMarc

So. Yeah it's re-opened......again. Thanks Rob/SL.

Good day everyone and Good night.

Posted on 2015-11-16 04:50:26 by ChampionLeake

Yes. One of the most appealing features of the New Nintendo 3DS cover plates are now being sold on Nintendo's online store.

Nintendo of America's online website store are currently selling 10 cover plates.

Nintendo of Japan has more than 60 cover plates on their online store.

Prices range to $9.99 to $16.99.


Posted on 2015-09-26 01:17:17 by ChampionLeake

According to The Verge, Minecraft Story Mode will be heading to the WiiU. While it isn't a main core Minecraft game, it will still be the first appearence of the series on a Nintendo console. The game is set to debut later this year.
Could this mean a main game is in works for the WiiU? Or to be coming for the NX? Comment your thoughts below!

Posted on 2015-08-26 21:01:27 by Shane

This week has been a very exciting week for Smash players! Many rumors has been circulating the internet about Shovel Knight being in Super Smash Bros. First off, a Spanish retailer listed a Shovel Knight amiibo ready for pre-order. But later, Yacht Club Games quickly turned down the rumor. Then other retailers around the world followed. Then on their Twitter and official website saying, "This next week is sure to be an exciting one, including the MEGATON reveal we promised…"

So with PAX Prime being this weekend and Smash Bros will be playable there, so... What do you think? Excited? Leave thoughts!

Source: Nintendo Life

Posted on 2015-08-26 19:47:19 by Nin10dude789

This thread will serve as a petition to make MarioErmando an admin here on 3DSPlaza. If you agree, then click the appreciation button (the +) at the top of this thread to sign.

I believe MarioErmando would be a great addition to the team. He has developed PlazaTools, a browser extension for 3DSPlaza that adds new features, a cSplit generator that was later integrated into the chat, developed an unofficial chatlog for the chat rooms here, and a long time ago, he created a website similar to 3DSPlaza, 3DSFun.

Also, 3DSPlaza hasn't had any major events or updates since the Christmas event of 2013. Rob and SomeLuigi do not do much here anymore, however I'm not saying to get rid of SomeLuigi. Ermando is dedicated to what he does, and does stuff for us all in his free time. 3DSPlaza needs to get regular updates again, like every other website.

I hope you guys can keep this thread alive so Rob and SomeLuigi can see it and consider it. Also, if you can, please tell Rob and SL, but don't bug them about it. I also decided to make this because people have always been saying he should become admin, and now would be a good time.

Posted on 2015-08-05 15:28:35 by Gold

The eleventh installment in the Dragon Quest series, Dragon Quest XI, was just officially announced by Square Enix earlier today. The game is planned to release on the 3DS, PS4, and NX. Making it the first Nintendo NX game to be announced.

Dragon Quest X, which came out a while ago, was released on the Wii, Wii U, 3DS, and PC, but was never localized and remained a Japan exclusive. The game will most likely not get localized so we'll hope Square Enix hears our pleas with XI.


Posted on 2015-08-01 03:12:56 by Gold

Satoru Iwata, now former president of Nintendo, passed away yesterday. Nintendo claims he died from a 'bile duct growth.' Among other things, he was of course famous for overseeing the Nintendo Direct presentations and would often display hardware and software with Shigeru Miyamoto. Prayers and best wishes to his family and close friends.

'Please Understand.'
--Satoru Iwata, 6 December, 1959-11 July, 2015

Posted on 2015-07-13 00:47:00 by Crush42

Me and Sackacuga are hosting a crew battle for Super Smash Bros Wii U. If you don't know what a crew battle is, look at this:


A crew battle is a form of competition between two teams. Each team starts out with the same number of stocks, which is usually divided evenly between the members of a team. For example, a SSB4 crew battle with five members on each team might have 15 stocks per team, 3 for each member.
Players from the opposing teams then take turns fighting in 1v1 matches, with the winner of a match carrying their remaining stock(s) to face the next member of the opposing team. Stocks lost by the victorious player in a previous match are subtracted from the player's stocks by self-destructing at the beginning of the next match.

Ex: If Player A defeated the other team's Player B with two stock remaining, then Player A would advance to the next match and would need to SD 1 stock during the beginning of the match with Player C, who starts with full stocks (3 stocks). This continues until one crew completely runs out of stocks, in which case the other crew is the victor.

Video Ex: Skip to 6:55. The only difference is that the players in the event we are doing will be starting out with 3 stocks each, not 4 as shown in the video.

-3 stocks (when entering your first match), 8 minutes
-Custom moves and equipment are off
-Handicap is off
-Items are off
-Mii's are banned
-Stages that can be picked are Final Destination, Battlefield, and Smashville.

Hosts / TO's:


The 2 crews

Team A:

1. Username: braxtonhi
NNID: braxtonhi
Character: Zero Suit Samus

2. Username: TLEReborn
Character: Mega Man

3. Username: Perfect_Chaos
NNID: chaoszeroe
Character: Captain Falcon

4. Username: Arcanine
NNID: Pokeman4321
Character: Falco

5. Username: SuperKirby64
NNID: MegaKirby64
Character: Captain Falcon

6. Username: Robdeprop
NNID: Robdeprop
Character: Pacman

Team B:

1. Username: carlos11
NNID: TrackBeast
Character: Pikachu

2. Username: Gold
NNID: TheGoldMan
Character: Captain Falcon

3. Username: DrakeJericho
Character: Dark Pit

4. Username: Zeta
NNID: Sycho-Ashura777
Character: Roy

5. Username: BioMan8
NNID: BionicBrother
Character: Jigglypuff

6. Username: TetrisDude335
NNID: TetrisDude335
Character: Lucas

Me and Sack tried to balance out the crews, so you weren't put in a crew at random. However, the order in which you play for your crew was chosen at complete random. Also, the number by your name is the order you're going in for your crew. It is not some sort of ranking.


If your teammate doesn't show up at all:
If your teammate does not show up within 10 to 15 mins, a lv. 9 CPU will take his or her place. The CPU will be chosen at random.

If the CPU advances:
If the CPU advances to the next round, the player who has control of the rules will have to choose the CPU character that the random button chose last match. If the CPU has lost some stocks, then the CPU will be set to 3 stock (cause it has to) and the match will end when the number of actual stocks from the CPU gets taken away by the opponent. The game will not count this as the end of the match, so the players will click no contest.

Everyone who is participating must add Sackacuga, as he will be hosting all of the rooms for the crew battle. His NNID is SackThing.

The character you've choosen cannot be changed anymore.

I have PM'd SomeLuigi and asked him if the winners of this event can receive this icon by their username in the chats for a month:

We will wait and see if he agrees. If he doesn't, we will have to decide another prize.

Update: Robdeprop has agreed to this.

Date the crew battle starts: July 17 at 4 PM PST (which is 5 PM MST, 6 PM CST, and 7 PM EST) If you live outside of the U.S, you will have to do your time conversions on your own.


Important: As you may know, EVO starts on July 17. That was the day the crew battle was suppose to begin. We would like to know if you guys still want to do it on that date, or if you wanted it pushed back a week to July 24. Vote here. The poll will be closed on July 9.

Update: As of July 9, the poll is now closed. 3 people voted for July 24, and 4 voted for July 17 so we're doing the event on July 17.

Posted on 2015-07-04 03:01:26 by Gold

In an interview with Sakurai, he confirms that Roy, Ryu, and Lucas were not fan demand, in fact, they were all in development before he opened the ballot. So he confirms that the team will now be on fan service! So expect a few more characters!

So get out there, and cast your vote!

Source: Nintendo Life

Posted on 2015-06-25 23:51:15 by Nin10dude789

Today, Nintendo has updated their Miiverse policy, and the change isn't good at all.

The only thing they changed is about Nintendo Network IDs sharing the same Wii U.

If a Nintendo Network ID has been banned from using Miiverse, all other accounts linked with the same banned ID will also be banned, no matter when and what device you created your ID, if you share a Wii U with a banned ID, you will also be banned.

So what do you think? Is it fair? Leave thoughts!

Source: Nintendo Life

Posted on 2015-06-24 23:46:57 by Nin10dude789

Posted on 2015-06-13 22:28:26 by

Hello everyone. There is 1 short newspost from Nintendo. Let's begin.

Recently, Nintendo have annouced they sold 52 million since the launch of the original Nintendo 3DS worldwide making the 3DS their 7th over sold console.

There were 15 million units sold in the United States alone for Nintendo accomplishing the amount of units sold.


Posted on 2015-06-12 02:44:13 by ChampionLeake

The rumor has been de-confirmed by a Nintendo representative. The Nintendo NX will NOT have Android.

Source: Nintendo Life

Original Article
A Japanese publication might have revealed a bit of information about the Nintendo NX operating system. And that OS is Google's Android.

Of course this is just a rumor, so there will be no official statement until Nintendo reveals more info about the NX next year.

What do you think? Do you hope for Nintendo to use the OS?

Source:Nintendo Life

Posted on 2015-06-01 18:11:48 by Nin10dude789

Today's Direct was a Japan only direct, and there was a lot of info announced for various games, as well as some brand new ones, including one I think you guys'll be excited for.

-Dragon Quest VIII
Couldn't extract any info from this one, but it's happening and probably won't be localized

-Fire Emblem: IF
Hub World confirmed
Amiibo support confirmed, but no new amiibo
Waifu simulator yet to be confirmed

-Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer
New Nintendo 3DS XL bundle confirmed
Kisekae plate design confirmed

-Chibi Robo
Nee 2D Chibi Robo platformer
New Chibi Robo amiibo
(Confirmed for the US, both the game and the amiibo. The amiibo only comes in a package with the game, and they both release in October.)

-Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
First look at the game, the personality test is still gone but it seems like all 721 pokemon are in this game. You have a choice of every starter pokemon in the series, plus Riolu and Pikachu.
(Winter 2015 for the US!)

-Project Treasure
Seems to be an action game. Also, short gameplay footage. More info coming Summer 2015

-Dr. Mario
New downloadable Dr. Mario title confirmed for Japan, includes classic Dr. Mario, Dr. Luigi, and touch specialized Dr. Mario. Also includes internet play and new optional items that you can put into any of the modes
(Now confirmed for a US release under the title Dr. Mario: Miracle Cure)

-Mario and Sonic at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games
You know the drill here.

-Yoshi's Woolly World
More amiibo support confirmed, as well as the plot (Kamek is turning Yoshis into packs of yarn and spreading them throughout the various levels)
If you get all the yarn packs in a level, you get to play as a different colored Yoshi with different abilities at any time.

-Monster Hunter Cross
It's a thing, it's coming out in 2015 in Japan. Probably the biggest announcement of all of them.

-Wii digital download
Super Mario Galaxy and some other Wii games will be available for purchase on the Japanese Wii U eShop soon

-Monster Hunter Airou DX
Monster Hunter spinoff, kinda like Animal Crossing, but damn, this game is weird.

-Super Robot Taisen DX/UX
No chance of being localized, but it's happening in Japan. Couldn't dig up any more info.
(Update: It's actually being localized under the name LBX: Little Battlers eXperience, coming out later this year)

(New!) -Art Academy: Home Studio
Confirmed for a NA release on June 25th.

(New!) -Splatoon
New map and weapon set to be released later today at 7PM Pacific time, and ranked battle will also be unlocked then.

(New!) -Bravely Second: End Layer
Confirmed for NA release in 2016

The 3DS NFC portal for amiibo use on regular 3DSes will be available July 30th in Japan, meaning that at least it hasn't been cancelled

Watch the whole direct here:

Watch the North American direct here:

Posted on 2015-05-31 17:32:28 by TetrisDude335

Changelog show

PlazaLive v0.5--------

+added the DJ message in tiny letters below the listeners count

+added request form with Shout out, Song, Competition, joke, and Misc request options. Now you can request the DJs do all sorts of things!

+added DJ report form

PlazaLive v0.1--------

+added footer
+added hidden copyright info
+added listener counter
+added Radio DJ panel with DJ exclusive features

Its done.

There it is. That is the live stream. There will be nothing heard if there is nobody streaming. Which, currently, there isn't.


PlazaLive is a dedicated shoutcast server. This means no matter what, any person with the password and information can connect and instantly start streaming.

There are three ways of listening to the broadcast.

1. The flash player embedded into
2. Listen directly using the mobile link already there.
3. Use an app to do it. I recommend this. My favorite is XiiaLIVE on both appstores. It will ask you for a hostname or IP, and a port. Look below to get those.

User credentials and information:

Port: 20117
Bitrate: 64Kbit/s
Stream URL:

That should be all you need to configure any third party software.

Here is what needs to be done. I need people to tell their friends, and do everything to publicize plazalive. Because we need people signing up to be a DJ. Otherwise this will fail. I have myself and Adler currently as DJs. If you like this idea, become a DJ so we can keep this going.

Rules for DJs(Feel free to report malicious DJs.):

1. Try to keep cursing to a minimum. If you must, use it offhandedly. We don't want an f-bomb every other word.

2. DO NOT PLAY COPYRIGHTED SONGS. This means nothing that can be found in Google play or the app store. Feel free to stock up on downloaded songs from youtube-based-artists like Smosh or whatever else you can find. But you will put Rob in jail if you play starships by Nicki minaj. This rules is a one-time offense and will stressed often. If you break this rules, ever, you will be suspended.

3. Don't play inappropriate songs.

4. You absolutely MUST see who is going on after you in the DJ panel, and be in communication with that person at least ten minutes before you go off. You count that person down starting at 1:00. Then when it gets to 20 seconds, say 20 Seconds NWC(next word connect} and then the next word you say wi be their cue to connect. (Kepp in mind that there I'd lag to the server. You will not always have perfect uptime, and when your predecessor says to connect,the end of his stream might still be sending to the website.

What is encouraged:

1. Get on there and just talk. Don't do any songs or anything. Just talk about random crap. We want to hear your voice. Your opinions. What happened today? What's the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? Read the forums. Anything.

2. Stock up on songs. We like songs. Go find remixes of Zelda songs. Go find piano music on YouTube and use a YouTube downloaded to download it. Give us music to fill in the bad spots.

3. Have guests on the show. Talk to other plazians or simply have tour sister make a debue.

4. Be in a chatroom while you're streaming. Read messages and talk to people. (Soon, we will have a chatroom on the page integrated with the 3dsplaza users. Thanks, SL!)

When you become a DJ, you will be given everything you need to start. Software, DJ panel access, etc.

Please become a DJ and get the livestream going.

Posted on 2015-05-27 15:41:21 by Leviathan

Hello everyone. I know it's been awhile since I posted the 3DSPlaza Weekly. So it's not dead and I'm back. So as always I'll be focusing on the Chatrooms, forums, User events, news, and Nintendo. Lets begin everyone.

Profile Contest Theme: Summer
Lets start things off will user events. I think since summer is very close this is a good idea. The user Destroiya has opened up an event for users to compete who is the best user to make a summer theme profile. You can entry today until June 1, 2015 and the contest ends June 21, 2015. So hurry now. There are 5 slots open. ((Profile Moderators are now allowed to enter the contest)). Visit Forum thread: 80169 today.

1.) Mjordan23
2.) MarioErmando
3.) DrakeJericho
4.) Silveon
5.) ChampionLeake
7.) AlexRose
8.) WolfBeast
9.) HeadHunter
10.) Samurott

3DSPlaza Extensions
Moving along, some users have their own extensions for 3DSPlaza. And I'm recommending two of them. First PlazaTools.

PlazaTools an a cool extension features for 3DSPlaza like notifications, shortcuts and more. Made by MarioErmando. More info visit Forum thread: 79952.

Now here is another Plaza Extensive software called Plaza+. It's also cool for the chats mostly. It has custom icon compatibility, pixel icon, and some modified commands.
Visit Forum thread: 79842 .

Upcoming 3DS Games for June 2015

Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven
Release Date: June 2, 2015

LEGO: Jurassic World
Release Date: June 12, 2015

Mutant Mudds Super Challenge
Release Date: June 2015

I hope you enjoyed reading the 3DSPlaza Weekly. Stay tune for some more 3DSPlaza Weekly this Saturday. Seeyeah

Posted on 2015-05-27 01:19:15 by ChampionLeake

Total registered users: 7066
New registered users today: 94
Newest registered user: GayCatWolfFurry

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