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Hello, my name is Phoenix. I don't do much any more, not many people like me and nobody speaks to me anymore. I love to rp and will do any kind.

I am 16 and male.

I am terribly not come to me and expect a lovey dovey meet up...I'm done...

I am a writer and song writer so if you need a song or story just ask.

My rp OC's are always original with every rp being different though they do originate from my main OC.

Main OC:
Name: Phoenix
Bio: He (I) is/am a legendary fire wolf (Lupus form) that can turn human and back to Lupus at will. He can be anthro at will as well. He has 12 tails and a pair of phoenix wings. He prices fire and healing, and can not be killed normly due to being part phoenix. His weapons include his tails, a staff with a scythe of fire at both ends, and teeth & claws.
(I don't have a picture of this)

Human version:
When not in lupus form and turns human he wears ancient assassin armor, using a cross bow, daggers, poisons and a very quick sword, all inscribed with runes of fire and speed. He also has runes of the assassin and phoenix, controlling fire and darkness for perfect assassinations. He is very lethal. He is 5'8, high stamina and HEC, his thinking process in evaluation or deadly situations is unmatched. Though from the chest down not being anything to gawk at, he does maintain a good arm and chest build due to free running walls and quickly scaling many many Things. He also uses the same scythes as he does in Lupus form.

To an old friend...Ilia:

I don't remember how long ago it was when it happened, or why i haven't done this sooner...but I'm sorry. My life ever since my mistake has always had a pang of guilt that never quiet died from that day so long ago. But i think you may have inticipated it. You taught me a life lesson and now i live by the motto "carpi ex cineribus denuo". I prey that you at least see this you know...

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0473-8862-1015

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