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[white]I have Pokemon Y now, so get ready![/white]

I love to RP
Name: Zix
Bio: dual swordsman and prefers being in a group rather than working alone. protects those close to him such as family and friends. water is a huge weakness combined with a slight fire weakness. has lightning powers. orange spiky hair and red eyes.

Name: Ita
Bio: a loner with a heart as cold as his ice powers. he can also control water. weakness is fire. does his best when angry and near death. white hair and blue eyes.

Name: Dimitrius Jenkins (DJ)
Age: 15
Favorite color: Orange
Likes: videogames, tv, friendship
Loves: anime
Dislikes: bullying, being alone

My Favorite Anime of All Time (MFAAT): Naruto
Favorite Character/Who I see myself as: Uzumaki Naruto
Favorite Jutsu: Rasengan
Personality of Naruto: The depressed boy with no clear future and hated by everyone, but is filled with determination to prove them all wrong and show his colors.

Hannah was here wuv u buddy

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 2079-6126-2228

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