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Forum Rules
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Started by Lani
(2016-01-01 22:30:28)
Lani (2016-01-01 22:30:28)

General Site Rules show

Just to clarify the general rules that apply throughout the site...

- Do not swear or bypass the automatic swearing censors
- Keep conversations and topics appropriate for all ages. Do not share or discuss NSFW content.
- Be (reasonably) civil and polite. Don't use racist language.
- Do not advertise or share unsuitable links.
- Don't ask for or share personal information

Thread Creation show

1. No useless threads
Do not create a thread that serves no purpose or does not encourage suitable discussion. An example of such a thread might be simply "Add me" or "I like turtles".

2. Don't make threads about specific users (personal threads)
This includes but is not limited to: Reporting users, requesting users to be banned/unbanned, attacking users with insults or arguments, criticizing moderators, "I'm quitting" threads, etc.

3. Don't create your thread in the wrong forum section
Please be sure your thread fits the topic of the forum you're posting it in. Threads in the wrong forum section will likely be moved.

4. Don't spam or flood
Don't post too many forum topics at once, or many useless topics. This may lead to a ban in some cases.

5. Don't make duplicate threads.
Before creating a thread, be sure there are no other active threads that are already discussing your topic in mind. Don't copy other's thread topics if their topic is active.
Avoid making stem articles if there's a general topic already active...for instance, if there's an active "Food" thread for the discussion of...well, food, and you wish to make a "Hamburger" thread for discussing hamburgers...that would be considered a duplicate "stem" thread from the Food thread, which is not allowed.

6. Don't advertise websites
This is mentioned in the general rules, however I'd like to clarify that an exception to this rule is advertising DSi/3DS compatible Sites in the correct forum section.

Commenting on threads show

1. Do not 'bump' an inactive thread
Don't comment on a thread that has been inactive for 20 days or more, unless that thread was on the front page of the forum section.

2. Don't double post
Avoid posting twice in a row. If you forgot to add something to your comment, there's an "edit" button instead.

3. Keep your comments on topic of the thread
Try not to derail discussion from the thread's original topic. If the thread is about your worst camping experience, don't starting talking about how green beans are your favourite vegetables.

4. Avoid posting useless comments or one word replies
The forums aren't the chatrooms. A whole comment space shouldn't be needed just to say: "lol" or "cool". While you may not need to write a whole paragraph to express your reply, please put some effort into your context. Use full sentences.
In some cases, a single word reply may be acceptable, just try to avoid it please.

5. Do not share or encourage NSFW
This is pretty much mentioned in the "general rules", however because we often have "Cute/hot SFW pictures" threads, I have the need to stress this rule.
Avoid sharing pictures or other media that contain sexual undertones/depictions, gore, strong language, or highly disturbing material.

ED (2016-01-01 23:33:03)
Good. I do think that moderators need to know how strict they have to be when it comes to certain rules and gray zones, but this is a step in the right direction.
qwp789 (2016-01-02 02:18:55)
why don't ppl use the term "necropost" for bump...
Delta (2016-01-02 20:40:10)
Mhm Okay, New rules
Perfect_Chaos (2016-01-02 22:20:05)
"Don't comment on a thread that has been inactive for 20 days or more, unless that thread was on the front page of the forum section."

A lot of the mods here tend to close bumped threads in inactive forums that were on the first page. I think this is a great rule but I'm js the mods might not know it.

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Mercenary (2016-01-03 17:21:56)
What if an old thread is bumped and becomes active and a valid conversation arises? Should a mod still close it?
Michael94 (2016-01-03 18:22:28)
Does showing appreciation for an NSFW thread count as "encouraging" it?
Saturday, March 7, 2020, 1:53am EST. Almost three years later, I'm back.
Mariana (2016-01-03 20:33:27)
Lani isn't responding. Shame.
don't let ur dreams be dreams~ Myy side your side our side
Lani (2016-01-04 02:27:14)
- What if an old thread is bumped and becomes active and a valid conversation arises? Should a mod still close it?

Generally, yes. If the thread wasn't TOO old, it would probably be fine to keep it around if people are using it.

-Does showing appreciation for an NSFW thread count as "encouraging" it?

Not necessarily. An example of encouraging it would be asking users to share NSFW, or making a thread for sharing it (whether you post any in the OP or not)...things of that sort.

DANUT3RCISD (2016-01-04 20:11:17)
hot=sexy, lani, don't you know that?

TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

Lani (2016-01-04 20:19:35)
"Sexy" is subjective....something can be hot/sexy without being sexualized, hence "cute/hot SFW" threads can exist without violating the rules; as long as any shared content is actually SFW.
DANUT3RCISD (2016-01-06 14:46:57)
yeah like hot potatoes
Spoiler: show

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TEMMY (0000-00-00 00:00:02)

Ollydolly1704 (2016-01-08 09:35:39)
Ummm, Hi, What exactly does NSFW mean? Other than that I think the new rules are great!
Lani (2016-01-08 14:51:17)
NSFW (Not Safe For Work) is explained in the thread comment's anything that would be considered inappropriate for the public (the public includes children, your grandmother...people who may be sensitive to explicit things). So graphic amounts of gore, nudity, sexual depictions or content (which may or may not include nudity), stronge language, or other disturbing things, would all be considered NSFW.

If you were to show your content to a class of kindergarteners and get reprimanded for it, then it's prrrrobably NSFW.
Crush42 (2016-01-28 21:05:41)
I wouldn't say kindergarteners, but maybe 10-12 year-olds. For instance, 'What the Hell?,' and, for that matter, religious discussion in general, would be more than frowned upon in a kindergarten setting, but can be considered 'Safe For Work,' because preteens and teenagers can generally handle it better. Not that they do, but they can.
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