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About me well im a country type of guy
I have a country accent
My best friend who will always have my back ANDRIOD11
I'm apart of the FFA, I'm currently a Greenhand officer the sentinel
I love too lift weights
Im 15
Live in Texas
I'm on the JV football team go falcons
A&M is my team, and college
Love's hunting, fishing, mudding, country girls
Hate's preps, girly girls
Well i like to RP
#1 rp char show
Landonn/ ice blue eyes/ blonde hair or brown/ ripped, sexy stud, got a 8 pack, caring, kinda smart, strong as hercules, fast/ power some type of angel demon depending on the rp

weight lifting and media show
Instagram name Theofficialmanzi , bench=160. Squat=250. PC and incline=140

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