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For a friend. show
I'm not the best person ever, but I can say at least two others wouldn't count me in the group labeled as the worst. In the past I was pretty convinced the light at the end of my tunnel was hellfire - and honestly, that thought still lingers. But, I found a friend who has tried to show me otherwise. I found someone who saw sunlight where I saw a train.....yeah, definitely a train... Well, this certain person has been through a lot too, I just wanted to thank her for being with me through all my crap. I promise to be with her through all of hers. Thank you for everything, Doll.
You are important. People care about you, too.
To infinity and beyond,
The Toy Maker.

The Truth show
If you know one of us, you know the better half of the other. You either know the male; the depressed, the insomniac, and the part time alcoholic. Or you know the female; the clingy, the emotional, and the mask that hides the tears. If you have made the utter mistake of knowing us both, you are lucky we let you even a little close. The heart of this person we make is definitely her, she somehow manages keep everything balanced while even being broke herself. The brain would have to be him. Though they both tend to over think, he is the one who constantly points out everything wrong in the world. Then the heart gets to make it beautiful. If you know me, you know the lesser half of this person. You know the 18-year-old who loves snickerdoodles and the rain. If you know her, you know the insecure 16-year-old who would stay up with a total stranger just to listen to what they have to say. You know the better half of this person, the half that will point out the beauty in the lesser half's storms. If you know us, you know we are entirely screwed up. But, that's the beauty of it.

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