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Name: Seven
Real Name: Unknown
Gender: M
Age: 18
Height: 5'11
Hair Colour: Mint Green
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Extra: Known for his very pale skin
Likes: Sleep, combat, being lazy, food, his dog
Dislikes: Daytime, loud noises, the sun, annoying people, people in general, being bossed around, kids
Personality: Straightforward, quiet, blunt, easily annoyed, strict, unapproachable, intimidating, good at calming people down
Backstory: Grew up in hardship with two part-time jobs, until getting injured while working. Was unfit to work after that, until Card Clan approached, asking him to join. He did, and eventually became known as 'Seven', a top agent.
Extra: Has a pet dog named Molly, who is the only living creature on earth who he cares about and can make him smile.
Memorable Quotes:
• 'Nobody fvcking cares, Nine.'
• 'Why in hell would you throw a lamp at him? What is the god damn lamp going to do?'
• 'This is stupid. You're stupid. He's stupid. You're all stupid. Can I leave now?'
• 'You're annoying and you are disrupting my thought process, please leave the room. '

Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 0000-0070-0000

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