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im 134.
my real name's Dre
i love rping my favorite types of rp are romance/action/demon hunter romance/adventure and just romance

im a guy.
i love anime.
and no shipping me with anyone! thank you. my romance/ action oc character is rez a 13 year old boy who has a hollowform due to an accident that left him blind and was only cured through a deal with the demon who killed his parents wich allowed him to see but also cursed him to be a hollow but he can crontol his hollow form (barely) and wears a black trench coat,black boots and and black pants also has twin pistols and other oc is Reaper he's the ruler of a demension called dark gate he has many abilities and has control of army he currently is curious about a assassin named jet she was supposed to kill him but shes starting to have second thoughts reaper also terrifies her. i may make new ocs for certain roleplays. i love romance/demon hunter roleplays. and my favorite animes are bleach,hellsing ultimate,soul eater and fairytail. also new oc hellsing oc dre: has teal eyes dark skin and is a master at using swords/scythes not a master shooter seras is his master as she turned him to save his life and soul eater oc vex: son of liz and death the kid is 13 with hair like kid's goofs off during a fight and makes his oppnent pissed off has blue and yellow eyes wears white jacket with three black stripes on each side and white pants and white shoes

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