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Hi! I'm Mike O'Leary.This is my profile.
I consider myself British.
Age: 15
Gender: Male
First Kiss: never.
Crushing: Always
On show
Eh, many girls, really. Like 5 really bad ones, so yeah.

Hobbies: DS, Wii(U), Minecraft, Youtubing, Singing, Acting, Dirty Talk
Hey girls... show
I'm pretty good at role plays.

Youtube Channel:
Fav. Youtubers: Sky, Captain, Seto
Seto show
, Ant
Fav. Singers: Bruno Mars, Bridgette Mendler, Jon Cozart
Relationship Status: Forever Alone
gf show
No one. Ever.

Fav. Food: Steak
Fav. Soda: Rootbeer
Fav. Fav.: Singers
Fav. Shows: Big Bang Theory, Fairly OddParents
Fav. Jedi: Plo Koon
Fav. Sith: Bane
Fav. Clone: Hevy
Fav. Stormtrooper: TK421
Fav. Star Wars Quote: "Will someone get this walking carpet out of my way."
Fav. Star Wars (in order of best to worst) Star Wars, Jedi, Sith, Empire, Phantom Mistake, Clone
Fav. Book: The Two Towers
Fav Author: John Ronald Reuel Tolkien
Fav. Fellowship Member: Gimli
Fav. Wizard: Radagast (Movie) Necromancer (book)
Fav. Weapon: Anduril
PM me whenever!
Skype: hjjhii77
Besties show
Haven't been on bue Darkshade is still close to me

And that's everything about me. I'm usually bored so pm me if you wanna be friends

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