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Hey, my name is Julian and i'm socially awkward, i can be very serious at times, but i can also be very fun and also funny at times. c:
I'am a big fan of anime and anything Japan related. I'm also planning to live in Japan one day. ^-^
Lover for music. <3 o;
Tumblr is life <3
Got Kik? Add me. Flying_Demon_Cat
Got Instagram? Follow me. @The_Wizard_Cat
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Peace to all you pineapples. <3 -u- I really love my shingeki no kyojin shirt, but here's a crappy photo of me. ;_;Me in my school uniform selfie, bc why not? .-.Ew. Old picture of me trying to be a cat. ;-; My Black veil brides shirt. Ew.

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Bounce, Bounce.

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Only if i'm in the mood to do it. ;-;

Wanna know more about me? Just pm and tell me whatever you wanna know. ^u^
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