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I'm Corbin. I'm 22. Just to clarify (some people ask this stuff), I am a guy and I'm straight. Add me if you'd like.

Nintendo Network/MiiVerse show
My NNID is Corbin92. Follow me on the Miiverse. I follow back.

PokeMon show
I have PokeMon Y. If you wish to add me, my friend code is on my profile. PM me if you add me.

Birthday show
July 28th, 1992

Hobbies show
Video games, making friends, anime, manga, texting, learning to code video games, daydreaming, music, etc.

Future Plans show
A college student in the Simulation & Game Development field as of Spring 2014

Favorite Music Genres show
Japanese, rock, techno, orchestrated/reorchestrated video game soundtracks, remixed video game soundtracks

Favorite Video Games show
The Legend of Zelda Series, Kingdom Hearts Series, MegaMan Battle Network/StarForce/ZX/ZXA, Pokemon

Favorite Anime show
Sword Art Online, The Get Backers, Tenjou Tenge

Favorite Manga show
Juvinille Orion: Aquarian Age, Ai Ga Tomaranai! (English title is A.I. Love You!)


Nintendo 3DS friendcode: 4038-6629-1843

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