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Catalina -Cat- de Cher show

Age: 16

Weapons: She carries around a dagger incase, and uses her claws if something small.
Appearance: Catalina has long, stomach-length brown hair that's easy to get tangled and not so easy to fix. With big, bright brown eyes matched by a hazely brown rim around the pupil. She has a pointy nose and freckles dotting her cheeks. She has plump red lips she occasionally puts her favorite red lipstick on. Catalina's on the short side being 5'1, and skinny but big chested and curvy hips. She has grey pointy ears, and a fluffy long gray tail.

Clothing: She normally straightens her hair and wears frayed skinny jeans, a loose burgundy shirt, and black Vans. Catalina wears a small owl charm bracelet.

Personality: Catalina's quiet behavior often makes people think she's extremely withdrawn and has little to no friends. However, this first run-over is soon demolished as Cat opens up more. Catalina is mostly sweet, with a bit of a rough edge if you get on the wrong side of her, and is willing to talk to you for hours on end. She's a boredom freer, and is usually found motivating herself or others. Cat can occasionally brag, but she's also one to catch others in wrongdoings and show them the right way to do something. She's frequently defensive of herself and the others around her as well. Although she's not quite a daredevil, Catalina enjoys taking risks now and then. She gets immersed in many things she does, and is a hard worker, but she can slack if she feels like it. She tends to break down a lot after flash backs of her parents and can be very vulnerable when reminded of them.

Bio: Catalina was born in an unstable family with low income. She was forced to get food and take care of her little brother, Issac. With the verbal and physical abuse of her parents, she decided to move out at 15. She tends to wonder around a lot, and gets lost at times, and is curious.

Other: She has a slight habit of biting her nails.

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