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Hello there!!
My name is Tony, obviously.

I'm 15, Happy, and Single( )

I am extremely nice unless you mess with me or my friends, then my dark side comes in.

In my free time, I enjoy to-
1. Listen to music.

2. Play my guitar

3. Do exercise.

4. Clean(For some unlikely reason).

5. Hang out with my friends.

I've had a pretty rough life, but that does not stop me.

-The Video games I like-

1. Minecraft

2.Call of duty

3. Any Gta game

Top Two Movies.

1. Evolution(2001)

2. The Darkest Hour

Words to Michael Jordan,
Michael, you're an inspiration to my friends and I, you've made us better people and for that, I thank you.

P.S: I know he can't hear me.

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