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My name is Kaila.But alot of people like to call me Lil Zayy. And I'm in florida
Turn Upppp!!!!
Hey Yall im pretty much done with this site ,so if u want my number just inboxx me .Shout out to all the niggas who was rockin with me from the beggining and never switched up. Byee Yall <3 Much Love

i have 2 stay true 2 my word.Im a real loyal person. with a flirty ass personality. I am always here for advice if u need me Baby got a lot of love 2 give. Take Care <3 xoxo N Always Remember everything happens for a reason so dont go tryna control things you have no control over. Its a waist of time .
N Foh All yall Niggas Who Be Hatinn I Wanna Thank Yall Cuz If I Gott Haters Den I Kno Im Doin Sumthin Right Lol.

Like I love all types of girls
As long as u a badd bishh and u got that vibin personality and i can have a real conversation with u.

Aye n if u still wanna talk to a nigga just hit up my ig aight, lemme know n ask if u want it



Happy[XXXXX]Hell Yea Nigggah! 24/7. I Aint lettin nothin or no one else take my joy

Turnt Da Fukk Up![XXXXXX]All Damn Day

Sexy[XXXX]Aha Alwayzz Baby

Lookin For A New Bae?[]...its wateva

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