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Want to chat? Kik me. Want to rp? Pm or Kik me. Want to be my friend? Don't be a and just add me as a friend. Good day to you and stay safe .

Kik: _PathFinder_
Instagram: Pm me
Snapchat: Pm me skrub

Ano rekt show
Kardezhtophae's Ano was decapitated then obliterated by Ytzer.

Profile WIP

Setter Hysa show
Name: Setter Hysa
Skin color: P
Hair color: I
Eye color: C

Skills:Combat, cooking, killing, hunting, all that good stuff.

Bio: Pm me for it *Cri*
Personality: Quiet, trusting, caring, easily angered, stubborn.
Likes: Food, animals (mostly cats and dogs), sleep, Science, exploration
Dislikes: The Rakh and few humans

Additional features: Covered in 49% scar tissue
Attire: Pic
Piercings: None

Ariel Valucia show
Name:Ariel Valucia
Skin color: P
Hair color: i
Eye color: c

Weaponry:A sword...that is very sharp, strong, and hard.
Powers: Is a vampire lmao.
Skills: Hunting humans.

Bio:e.e too dark fam.
Personality:Clingy, friendly, trusting, caring.
Likes: Food (Humans), animals (mostly cats and dogs), sleep.
Dislikes: Other vampires, demons, some humans

Additional features:
Attire: Pic
Piercings: None
Jewelry: Some[IMG][/IMG]

Taz show
Age:16 years old.
He is 5'5, weighing 158 lbs.
His white eyes glow with ice blue outlines of thin rings around his pupils.He has long extremley curly black hair. In his black hair are occasional strands of ice blue hairs that glow dimly before fading and glowing again. Basically anything blue about him was glowing.
The ice blue writing on his white Nike T-shirt that said "Bet", the randomly placed ice blue lines on his white chino shorts and the laces on his newest pair of Nike Roshes. They were ice blue and white. Species:K'tal/Human/A.I.
Power:Control over machines. Is also physically superior to humans.

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