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Hello, I am Liz. ✧
You might know me, you might not.
I'm active/interested in several things including:
My colleges Marching band (I'm the section leader for Alto Sax.)
The magnificent Saxophone and Bass Guitar.
Pixel Art
Anything involving band to sum it up.
As you've might have known I do Animating as a hobby.
I've grown to love everything I do.

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Hello, my name is Elizabeth. You might have known me as Lizbeth from the dead site of SocialNeko.
You might have heard of me supposedly impersonating the user 'SN'. They were false. My personal Facebook was leaked and users went to harass not only me but family members. Those people know who they are, and I hope you're happy.

Being on this site actually hurts my heart. All but a few of my online friends still remain. Most of us are adults trying to make a living now. Still I remain just so I don't lose the few precious friends I have left here. SN and Plaza will always have a part in shaping my teenage years. There were rough patches but I don't ever regret joining these communities. My earliest memories of these sites are the nights I spent under my blankets roleplaying in chatrooms. I can still feel how hot it was and how I had to keep poking my head out for air. I've been through 2 dsi's and 1 3ds but it was worth it.

Love ya plaza.

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