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Ladies and Gentleman, I am Damion, im fantabulous! im bisexual, im single n shet so yeh & im a backflipping batman loving narwhal, i eat apples and crap rainbows, im like a unicorn, but better cuz i exist :3 I HATE ALL PEOPLE! except for Batman, i love him in a heterosexual way, i hate you, you look like superman, i hate superman, batman is awesome tho, i want food, im random, you are my new best friend, even though i hate you :3

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ppl think im a jerk, tbh thts cuz u dont know me, once u know me, i will truly be MUCH worse, lol jk i love u! lol no i dont, remember? i hate u, i hate everyone, except for Batman, hes beautiful

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1 i play violin
2 i have never eaten a Big Mac
3 i live in canada, but i grew up in Wokingham, Berkshire England
4 i have 2 cats
5 i like batman :3
6 im boring
7 i hate most ppl
8 im allergic to oranges
9 i can do 45 backflips in 2 minutes wen im on a trampoline
10 i wear makeup

10 reasons to live show

10 your life is precious
9 think of ppl in 3rd world countries who would much rather have your life then theirs
8 theres always at least one person who cares
7 would u really want to miss out on getting married or having kids?
6 no matter what, you can always find help
5 someone loves you
4 if you try, you can overcome these feelings
3 you can get free, confidential help 24/7
2 you are beautiful
1 once you've hit rock bottom, and you cant get any worse, theres nowhere to go, but up
i hope this helps

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