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wats gud. Bout me show
Yeaa iz the nutty krazy [removed] from da blokk tyqon realest [removed] outta Barbra house straight gang [removed] given it til I die stay fightin idk whyy Just me anybody say da wrong [removed] get dun up my fav music iss rj I got and etc....yg bicken back being bool remix.Joe Moses.I'm fellin myself.Westside connection gangstas make the world go round.mack Inglewood swagin. Young thug la swag. Rich homie Quan young thug I ain't trippin hit cho ricky. And fav song iz pkiru luv. Rate me:1.cute 3.wanna 😂[REMOVED] 💑wannabe down 😝😝succ this [removed] 👦👧wanna bick it 💏wanna tongue kiss play 👣👣👣footsies get cho name tatted on me meet up and Yeaa id [removed] wit crabzcks Im real bout my [removed] soo if yaw niggaz aint beefin wit fam burger [removed] yaw din I Bledge to mi red flag of United States of America shout to my three queen on this [removed] first wifeey tonaa she cute bet I smack but nah I get her name on tho second my backbone my ex and my heart jazzy ily ik we had sum bull[removed] in da past but tf that's ova soo ily girl and Yeaa third queen tyraa yo tyraa she my bixche when all my hoes get on my nerves I hit her up but yeaa she coo fourth my Compton420 my [removed] on here realest ik 4 now but wat brackckin and shaunice ily too @ lilmama3322

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