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I'm a pretty passive person. I don't like fighting. I do like wolves...and dragons.

Aha...I get mad way to easily.

When I rp it's primarily using dashes/astricks to preform an action. I can change that if people need me to.

Eugh, character information... show

Name: Ember
Species: Timber wolf, shapeshifter
Gender: Male
Appearance: Rusty orange with red flecks around the ears and muzzle
Personality: Er...young. 15-20-ish. Can be fairly stupid at times. Observant.
Noticeable abilities: Can shift into an anthropomorphic wolf, can somewhat control fire and other hear sources.

Don't expect me to come on here a lot. I mostly use Kik, pm for my username.

Here's your proof that I am indeed a master hunter. I'm always open to play, though. I have 4U and Gen.

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