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Lol jk. Idk. I guess single

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My name is tyler and I have brown hair with greyish blue eyes. I currently live on a wonderful farm with my horsies and my cows. I love my horsies very much and yeah. I am an outgoing guy but only if I'm friends with the person I'm with. I can be very weird sometimes but life is weird so why can't i. Anyways imma go so peace out niggahs lol jk (PS I'm not racist. I hate all races equally. Including my own!)

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you know, I have always been wondering about the saying "there is always someone out there for you" this implys that you will always be loved by someone. What if you aren't loved at all? What if there isn't anyone out there for you? Does this make that statement untrue? Yes. Yes it does. That is the situation I'm dealing with.

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