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Hello, you can call me Andy. I don't entirely know what i should put here so i will put the normal stuff.

Gender:Male (duh)
Status:Taken by the best girl on earth

Ya wanna know anything else just PM me.

My character is fairly basic, 17 year old guy, purple shaggy hair, blue eyes, glasses, always wearing dark skinny jeans, standard black and white Converse, a white t-shirt and a black thin hoodie with horizontal white stripes. For weapons or gear he has one dagger he keeps strapped to his right thigh, he also wears a black backpack full of gear varying on the RP. As far as special power's/abilities/backstory he studied magic from the age of 10. He's a master of fire magic and knows some life magic. He can shoot fireballs out of his hands and scorch just about anything you can imagine (Insert steel beams joke here). His life magic is minor and he can only heal small wounds but is in training to eventually be able to revive completely dead allies.

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