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Programming specialized for the web.

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Web Programming (HTML, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL)
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How to make an announcement box and other things!
Started: Jul. 03th by BioMan8
Last post: Jul. 28th by BigMooney
Helpful code for making 3DS compatible Websites
Started: Jul. 05th by sunny2002
Last post: Jul. 23th by BigMooney
Code to auto-focus to Center?
Started: Jul. 19th by Abranda
Last post: Jul. 21th by BigMooney
CSS Helpers
Started: Jun. 21th by firemade1234
Last post: Jul. 10th by BigMooney
Open source status script
Started: Jul. 05th by angelrulez7
Last post: Jul. 06th by BigMooney
Started: May 27th by angelrulez7
Last post: Jun. 26th by BigMooney
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