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How 2 delete account?
Started by Betrrr
(2017-07-25 16:32:51)
Betrrr (2017-07-25 16:32:51)
this account isn't contained with anything good, if someone could direct me to a deletion page that would be good thanks
Betrrr (2017-08-10 03:41:44)
what?? no replies?? come on hurryup pls!!
ChampionLeake (2017-08-18 13:08:49)
There's no legit way to delete your account. But your account can automatically be deleted if it's been inactive for 6 months straight.

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2017-08-18 13:09:01

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Betrrr (2017-08-24 14:28:45)
gr8 guess ill wait 6 months then
Betrrr (2017-08-24 14:28:54)


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