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Hiding Profile Coding
Started by squirtle2016
(2017-07-01 20:34:42)
squirtle2016 (2017-07-01 20:34:42)
Some people use spoilers to hide the space taken up when adding profile styling. Well, even that spoiler containing the space can be annoying, so here's a easy way to hide that spoiler altogether and keep the coding magic visible.

1. Change your coding space spoiler into a cspoiler by adding a 'c' onto the spoiler tags.

2. Add this code into your coding inside the spoiler:

[style] .cspoiler_pad {display:none;} [/style]

Congratulations, your profile now has zero space taken up by coding, and the coding is still visible.
Stop, or you die.
Jennifer (2017-07-26 00:37:29)
Or just use one style tag and not have to use spoilers like a chump


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