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Reporting Users (PROPERLY)
Started by ChampionLeake
(2016-09-01 18:48:42)
ChampionLeake (2016-09-01 18:48:42)
So I haven't seen any topics on reporting users to moderators on this website. So I thought it would be best to make a post on this topic to help users report incidents to the moderators and to help moderators get specific information on the reports received to them.

I'll explain and go step by step to clarify what you need to do to submit a clean and proper report. Let's get started!

#1: Knowing who to go to
Now the #1 thing to know when reporting malicious activity on 3DSPlaza, it's best to know who to go to when ther's a situation that needs to be handled. But some users don't know what specific moderator who to report to. ((Obviously)) Chat moderators are reported to miscellaneous reasons since they can ban and unban malicious users.

Most of you should know that the helpdesk is very old and inactive. The helpdesk report link is no longer working since it's very outdated so don't use it.

If there is a situation going on in the chatrooms, it's best to let a chat moderator know what's going on since they have power to warn, ban, and unban a user.

If there was a situation in the forums it's best to go to a forum moderator since they can edit/rename titles, delete or move topics to the appropriate forum.

If there's a problem in the 3DSDraw canvas games or any inappropriate or blank drawings in the gallery contact a Draw mod.

You should basically get the point on which kind of moderator to report to.

If you want to know who are the moderators on this site, be sure to visit to mega's list of moderators thread.

#2: Reading over the rules
Now, #2 is really important. Before submitting the report you should know what rule was broken from that malicious user. This will help moderators determine what punishment the user will get for braking the rules of this site.

It's best you quote one of the rules the user broke. This is to prove your report if it's needed.

#3: Submitting a report
This step should go smooth and should make sure some things are not left out. When submitting a report, you want to be very specific and clear on what you're trying to report. Most of the time moderators receive reports via private messages which is the best way to submit a report since it's easier. You can submit a report via chatroom but it's NOT RECOMMENDED since the chat messages are very limited and most of the time the chat moderators won't see it due to the message being eaten by other messages. That's why you screenshot it. The only time you should submit a report in the chat if there's a chat moderator on duty and the issue is urgent. It's also best to use Erman's chat log for some solid evidence.

Erman's Chat Log

But if you have have no choice you can submit the report (for incidents in the chatroom) via chat by whispering the chat moderator a link of the screenshot.

As for submitting a report somewhere else on the site use PM's. Here are the things you should show in PMs:
• A clear fullscreen snapshot of the user breaking the rules.
• A full description of the problem. Please be descriptive and use as many details as you want.
• Quote one of the rules the malicious user broken.

The things you shouldn't do is to not submit a report on the forums, profile, and status pages. Those are places you shouldn't submit a report. On the forums it's considered to be "personal threads". It's best to stick with PMs.

Don't be vague. Make your pms stand out what's going on. Saying just "Help!" is not going to do anything.

EX.) Help, a user is swearing in the chats!

EX.) A user named *BLAH* is spamming the chats with *BLAH**BLAH*
*Direct link*
*The Quoted rule*

Show evidential proof in your pms. Otherwise the moderators will not believe you and will consider your report false.

Well, I think I covered everything you needed to submit a proper report. I hope this helps. If you have questions, comment below.


Feel free to add-on to this post. You can edit this post as well as long as you let me know.

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NodePoint (2016-09-02 22:48:06)
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ChampionLeake (2016-09-02 22:49:27)
^ Thanks

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I'm a web developer, a game developer, a digital artist, musician, and a reverse engineer. A weird mix right?
My Twitter
Metro3ds (2017-07-10 06:50:44)
This thread is very inaccurate, everyone knows the real way to report people is to make atleast 3 threads saying what the person ur trying to report did. Works all the time. If ur caught false reporting, u will be put in the corner for 1 minute for doing a no no

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