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Manually Banning Users PHP
Started by ChampionLeake
(2016-01-02 03:43:22)
ChampionLeake (2016-01-02 03:43:22)
I seriously recommend you guys to do a databased ban system. This is just something simple or some to start on.

Source Code
<?php session_start(); $username=$_SESSION['username']; $banneduser = 'ChampionLeake'; if(strtolower($username)== strtolower($banneduser)){ { die ("You are currently banned" ) ; } } ?>

This is basically a secure way of banning a user without a database. If they try to use captial letters they can't bypass it due to "if(strtolower($username)== strtolower($banneduser)){ "

Simple, put lame, and a pain putting that in all of your website pages. Enjoy

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TheAlexRider (2016-01-06 21:35:11)
I get your point, BUT
Its already connecting to a database

if($_SESSION['banned'] === true) {
die('You're banned.');
CoolApps (2016-01-08 12:36:08)
^ This script doesn't connect to the database and that's not how you should be banning people.

I was thinking a more complicated yet useful version of this script. Like using an array of usernames to "ban" and if that name is found to be in that array then they would get cut off.
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TwilightWinter (2016-05-31 19:59:50)
Wouldn't it be simple if you just make a table of banned users and ban period?
This way you wouldn't need to strlower() the username and there is no way the banned person can bypass it.
NodePoint (2016-06-01 04:13:53)
^ That would depend on the table and column collation.
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