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How to prevent Nuenez's inappropriate pms.
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Started by KingMarc
(2015-11-12 00:52:52)
UnitedUdders (2015-11-12 02:15:33)
That explains it.
Perfect_Chaos (2015-11-12 02:21:46)
Really nigga?
Mercenary (2015-11-12 03:00:37)
It's just porn, guys. No big deal. Kinda funny imo.
little5 (2015-11-12 03:06:59)
Revolutionary techniques. +1
Nemesis (2015-11-12 03:09:49)
I support this +1
Although I think everyone should've already had this programmed into their minds
I am the lizard king, I can do anything.
GawdHydra (2015-11-12 04:28:09)
Learned it already, don't find it useful.
If ye wish to talk to me, xbox app (or XBOX itself), my gamertag is Godhydra.
PANZERFAUST (2015-11-12 04:50:48)
Just don't open his ing PMs. It is as simple as that.
I miss you
UnhingedTool (2015-11-12 05:13:08)
Friends only.
Ayy Lmao.
CoolApps (2015-11-12 12:35:56)
This is more of a "how to avoid" than "how to prevent."
This shouldn't really be stickied or made as some news unless it's also going to say how to get him to stop (which is very simple). At the moment, I can see this thread being a way of bringing him a bit of the attention he wants.

Useful for the newbies, though.

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2015-11-12 12:37:45

Newer account: NodePoint
TwilightWinter (2015-11-12 14:11:23)
I just delete the PM, because mostly non-friends PM me.
FluxerCry (2015-11-12 14:17:32)
I've already thought of this. And the reason I don't do this is because I don't want to put everyone who wants to contact me on my friend list. It's stupid easy to avoid reading them anyways. The only thing that annoys me is getting messages I don't want to read.

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2015-11-12 14:19:25

Lani (2015-11-12 15:23:25)
^ That.

Nuenez's PMs are so painfully obvious I don't even have to open them...I just hit the delete button.

Anyway, I appreciate the effort, but Nuenez will be running out of alts soon enough. I was thinking about writing something similar to this back when registration was open, but as CoolApps said, it's giving him the attention he wants...yet everyone keeps screaming about him anyway, so he's already gotten way more attention than he deserves.
PANZERFAUST (2015-11-12 19:10:12)
Will the registration ever be opened up again?
I miss you
TwilightWinter (2015-11-12 20:39:43)
I really need registration but ... ;-;
SMOGamerX (2015-11-12 21:10:15)
Thankfully he/she didn't do that to me
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