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The Rise of Nosferatu
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Started by AionasPlus
(2014-12-19 01:05:04)
AionasPlus (2014-12-19 01:05:04)
In a modern world like the one we live in now, dark, unholy forces from the underworld have risen.
To counter their terrorist attacks, a group of people called the Allorian Senate have come, and they intend to stop the monsters from reviving the evil Nosferatu.
As a result of the demonic force arising, people have been born with unexplicable power and are either helping the demons or being recruited by the Allorian Senate.
Only one thing is true.. The world is at war.

So, lemme clear things up. In this RP, you take part in this war that is going on.. You can have one of two characters, a member of the Senate or a helper of the demon.
If you want to be a new recruit for either side, you must say so, or you can also be a character with a higher rank.

If your character is from neither side, then don't give it a rank, add it if your character happens to join a side later on.

Also, if Nosferatu IS awakened in the plot, assign the role to someone of high RP capabilities.

So here's your structure:
Alias: (if you want one)
Abilities/Powers (maximum 2):
Battle Weapons: (if you want)
Appearance: Describe your character physically. (hair, clothes)
Summary/Personality: Describe your character's persona/backstory.
Rank: (either Recruit, General or Elite (Senate) or Pawn, Monster, or Imperial (Demon). Or none, if from neither side.)

Here's an example/my character:
Name: Asemaru Migato
Alias: "The Hood"
Age: 18 years old
Side: Neither.
Abilities/Powers: He can manipulate the auras of others, and make their bodies malfunction in a way that they won't recover for a short period of time. As if to say, temporarily killing them.
His secondary power is the use of electricity.
Battle Weapons: None.
Appearance: He wears a black hoodie, jeans, and sneakers. He has his hood on to disguise him. He has long black hair, and yellow eyes..
Summary/Personality: He was born with his powers, and his parents mysteriously disappeared. He was sent to boarding school because of his incidents while learning to control his powers, and escaped to take down the Allorian Senate after learning that his parents were fighting against it.. His parents were demons, but he doesn't know this yet.
He's very reserved around strangers, and in his crusade to stop the Senate, he's hunted down various demons and senate members alike, and he can be considered a cold-blooded killer.
Rank: None

So, without further ado.. Let it begin.
PhoenixDawn (2014-12-19 13:26:38)
Name: (Addressed by) Spawn of Pestilence
Alias: Plagues
Age: 907 And he's still going
Side: Demonic (Basically whatever ^ is Pestilence is the same)
Abilities: Creating plagues, changing into a grotesque form.
Weapons: (Pestilence is not really pictured with a weapon) No weapon.
Appearance: tbd
Summary/Personality: Being "friends" with Reaper (Well he just stalks Reaper without him being noticed.) He does the same thing and sold his soul but later on Pestilence takes him and changed his life forever. Now he is the "son" of Pestilence and does his bidding. In his free-unliving time he continues to stalk Reaper and learn from her.
Rank: Imperial Demon.

Pestilence is one of the four of the Apocalypse. (The four are Death (Grim Reaper), Pestilence, War, and Famine.

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AionasPlus (2014-12-19 18:30:37)
Excellent. Who starts?
AionasPlus (2014-12-19 20:54:27)
Asemaru stood atop a building, on the rooftop. Ash flew across the roof as very cold air swept leaves around him away. He had his hood on, covering the upper half of his face. He turned, and in his hands, electric sparks started to form a sphere of electrical energy.

He looked down at the empty streets, and saw Reaper. At this point, there was nobody he could trust. He leapt down to the sidewalk near the bench, the pavement around him filled with electrifying pressure. He stood up, and grinned. Asemaru's objective was to learn which side she was on.
AionasPlus (2014-12-20 00:08:25)
"The world is hell, lady. And it isn't safe to be out here on your own. Especially with these loose." He gestures at the hellhound. "What, are you some dog whisperer or somethin'?" He inches closer to her.
AionasPlus (2014-12-20 03:08:11)
Asemaru's hands curled up into fists. "They can all go back to where they came from. And the Senate can go to hell, too. This is MY world now." A television nearby at an electronics store is turned on, at the news channel. It's reporting on how the "Hood" attacked another sector of the city to find the Allorian Senate, and it's showing an accurate police sketch of Asemaru.
PhoenixDawn (2014-12-20 06:00:19)
(Damn I forgot about this)
SoP (Spawn of Pestilence) hid behind a stone wall watching Reaper. He hesitates to whether go up to her and help or remain hidden.

(Glad to know you actually used the four horsemen.)

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AionasPlus (2014-12-20 16:42:08)
Asemaru remembers having heard of these. "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse." He walks behind Reaper. "You don't actually believe in them, do you? In all of this?" He's clinging to the fact that this could all be a bad dream. "The Senate is crazy. You all are." His hands spark with electric energy again. "And this.. This is just bullcrap, too." He takes his hood off, revealing his face. "Isn't it?"
PhoenixDawn (2014-12-21 03:47:17)
Quickly SoP runs behind Asemaru and tackles him Critikal hit to the ground. "Hurt her and I will plague you with a gruesome disease. Which would you like? Ebola? [insert some other disease that kills that I can't think of right now.]" said SoP, "I can let you go but I mustn't see your face around her."
AionasPlus (2014-12-21 04:32:14)
Asemaru grins while he is pinned down. "Try me." His eyes completely take on a dark green shade, as the Spawn of Pestilence starts to weaken.. Asemaru is bending his aura into tiny little pieces. Using this to his advantage, Asemaru simply stands up, and walks.
PhoenixDawn (2014-12-21 07:45:18)
"You mustn't forget I'm forever in debt to you Reaper," said SoP.

"Hold on as I pound this guy to a pulp," said SoP as he transformed into his grotesque form. "Now let's have some fun, little girl." (Little girl was aimed towards Asemaru btw.)
PhoenixDawn (2014-12-21 15:09:47)
"You can't kill me at all, but I will stop," said SoP.
AionasPlus (2014-12-22 03:20:19)
"Haven't I made myself clear?" He turns to see the two. "Both sides of the war can screw off. This is MY world."
Cyndaquil123 (2014-12-23 00:04:51)
Ok I'll join

Name Dath Mach

Allias: He's been in a travelling circus for money, however due to the disasters, it was shut down. He'll either get a job soon or become a theif.

Age 15, nearly 16.

side: Up for grabs

Abillities/Powers: Has control over atoms. This power is rather OP, but follows rl rules. My character can literal destroy the universe by adding a tiny bit of weight to a nucleus of an atom.) Has extrodinary dodging abilities from spending such a long time in a circus.

Weapon: He neither has one nor needs one as he can just rearrange atoms and create any weapon that he needs.

Appearance: He has brown hair and blue eyes, however he changes this for when he wants to blend in with those around him. He wears a long black cloak.

Personallity: He is a person that remains unreasonable bright and has a slight case of insanity. The more fights he gets in the worse the insanity will grow.

Rank: None
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Cyndaquil123 (2014-12-23 00:25:28)
Dath Mach looks around the ruined city and has some hope in his eyes. This did look recent, and even if it was gruesome, the stores may have some food in them. He could just make food with his power, but it never tastes as good as naturally grown food. Not to say the food tasted bad, they justed tasted off. He walks along as the wind blows into his coat. Luckily for him he has entered the city on the opposite side as to the powerful creatures, unfortunately for him, the monstrous dogs circle around him.

Dath Mach sighs as he he punches the ground. He brings up a gun and diamond hard bullets. He then proceeds to shoot all of the dogs around him. It only takes one shot for each animal as the hardened bullets cause a wound that essentially pumps out blood. The dogs then rush in all at once, but he is able to create a shield all around him. He is able to shoot through it as he creates holes in the shield that exist for only the hundreth of a second that the bullet needs to go through it. As soon as the dogs are all dead he makes everything he created for the fight dissipate into steam. He grins as he sees the steam rising up.

Insanity +1
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These pills heal nothing. Side effects include everything bad except for sneezing.

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