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Poetry Forum: Do you read the poetry?
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Started by Gray
(2013-04-30 16:02:43)
THaT1GuY9001 (2013-04-30 16:12:29)
Shy (2013-04-30 16:13:06)
Nope nope.
WYoshiX2 (2013-04-30 16:35:41)

Still a Lugia.
Screamer (2013-04-30 20:40:11)
The secret shall be shared. PM for more info.
Song_Of_Storms (2013-04-30 22:54:59)
On occasion. I prefer to write Poems as to reading them.
SPCOxion (2013-04-30 23:47:46)
Once or twice a year.
Mercenary (2013-05-01 00:28:31)
This belongs in Polls. I'm moving it.

And no.
~Blade~ (2013-05-10 17:44:23)
Pop goes the weasel
CandyVixen (2013-05-15 10:51:54)
nope :/
GeorgeTheKiller (2013-06-10 16:25:40)
99.9999999999% No

0.0000000001 Yes
ConnorRonnoc (2013-07-21 17:12:30)
Nope, you should close it down and make something better.
bite za dusto
ConnorRonnoc (2013-08-13 14:30:38)
I read them once, they were all, save a few, terrible.
bite za dusto
NightZone (2013-08-17 18:53:44)
no n0
NightZone aka Angel aka Angel bug aka Shorty
(Medusa~) (2013-09-21 18:53:38)
Not really.
Thatcooldude (2014-01-28 01:18:48)
Am I the only solid yes? I always look for inspiration there. Sadly most of it doesn't help. But its still cool.
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