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Web Programming!
Started by SomeLuigi
(2012-05-23 16:37:11)
SomeLuigi (2012-05-23 16:37:11)
HTML, XHTML, JS, CSS, PHP, MySQL and all that good stuff goes here!

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
MarioErmando (2012-05-23 17:07:20)
Finally! No more Profile things! -b
roxasmaker (2012-05-23 18:47:45)
So much new forums e3e
Sup, I'm here!

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Junaid (2012-05-23 18:54:12)
SynTM (2012-05-23 23:33:43)
Hmm, well since Profile contain CSS, there will still be profile stuff
(Capt.)Orb (2012-05-24 20:18:15)
what about jquery? D:
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MarioErmando (2012-05-25 20:07:25)
jQuery is just an library for Javascript.. -xconorbx
Blade (2013-04-03 00:11:57)
i got one on my site its you tube videos click 3dsi sonic link in my signature oh btw:
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GuitarBoy (2014-06-26 05:05:49)
HTML5 will be a standard soon. - Ajango
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Ajango Forum Thread
~Justin~ (2014-07-11 08:12:04)
Ikr ^
TheAlexRider (2014-07-30 20:46:05)

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