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[Moderating, Chat] Magic Warning System!
Started by SomeLuigi
(2012-05-21 20:48:37)
SomeLuigi (2012-05-21 20:48:37)
Just another 'quick' update. This time it is a chat moderation tool, dedicated to PinoyBoy!

I notice moderators don't understand. USE COLONS, NOT SPACES OR ", "!

/mwarn - 'Magic warns' a user. Format to use:
/mwarn user:reason
Further optional:
/mwarn user:reason:length of warning:length of ban


/mwarn SomeLuigi:spamming
results in
Warning, SomeLuigi! Stop spamming!

However, now the magic part! If this is the second warning, the user will receive a ban instead!

To clear warnings, you ask?
/cmw SomeLuigi
Clears all warning data for that user

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2012-05-22 17:13:11

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
SPCOxion (2012-08-06 05:02:27)
This could be useful, if mods used them to clear the warnings for those who are tricked into saying "Rabbit child", "Yoshi team", "Vitamin C rap" (no spaces)
PopCorn (2012-08-11 19:13:24)
Awsome !!
xxBOGGERxx (2014-08-10 22:34:03)
this is good,say you warned someone and you want to clear the warns,if you banned them they would FREEK!thats why this is a good use.But we need a way to privitly report users.And i think that wen a mod sees a wored that does * in chat,they should read what was sed befor that because i got warned from the :yoshi tower: trick.

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