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[Major bug fix] Profile comments fixed!
Started by SomeLuigi
(2012-05-21 17:21:46)
SomeLuigi (2012-05-21 17:21:46)
That annoying profile comment glitch is now fixed, everyone!

After looking a bit into the bug, I discovered it was only the PC version, (which I had updated to prepare for something new).

Turns out it was this tiny little line of code that erased the member ID from memory, which makes several features of 3DSPlaza unusable/buggy.

$member_id = $row['id'];

A BAD! Piece of code, since the member ID was already loaded and wasn't selected from the DB.

Remember guys, test your stuff thoroughly!

Any more issues please contact me or post in the Bug Reports forum.

SomeLuigi is changing in 2015.
roxasmaker (2012-05-21 17:55:39)
it happend on my 3ds too
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