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[Random] myerty3 as myerty3: i dont think sending messages works anymore ;-;
[Random] myerty3 as myerty3: oh
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: Do I make a script that notifies when you're mentioned here? Would that be of value to anyone?
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: @Carmilla!!!!!! Hi!!!
M Carmilla: Ay Nala
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: 7314330_88_88_104280_84_446940
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: @Robdeprop Hehe. happy
Nala has 471 3DSPoints!
Gumball has 3419 3DSPoints!
Fluffeh: Thanks for all the memories o7
SnowWolfEmo: Sad days man
ColdFire: My yearly checkup
SwiftlyFox: Boowomp
BriGoRawr: womp wimp womp
purplehopper1: I can’t believe this
purplehopper1: omg
AngryBird5217: but i wouldnt have found it if it werent for chatting here, and now im a software developer 12 years later
AngryBird5217: this place indirectly led my interest in programming after i left and found a site building platform, wapka mobi
AngryBird5217: heyy alll
JimmyJonJones as Changed: This is so sad

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BoxMan3417: Nuts.
BlurXL: hey, rai. been a long while, hasn't it?
KirbyTheEpic as Rainbowwolf : man
LilSavage: Aw i miss these days can’t believe it’s been ten years
O Robdeprop: I see you being permanently online! @Nala
O Robdeprop: Hi
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: @Ryan21 I've been married and divorced once. Getting married again soon.
Ryan21: Love and miss yall and this place in general. I have a wife, and kid now and man, time has just flown.

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Nala as TheDisneyFeline: Hello!
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: test

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maximumride45: Hi
maximumride45: Hi omg my account still here
Justin: HUAH
[LOCK] TreeSquid28 as ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ: There is nothing we can do...
[LOCK] TreeSquid28 as ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ: Misdew has prevailed. But at what cost.
Justin: Yeah, and Misdew.com is still up as well. It’s like taking a stroll down memory lane, haha man.
[LOCK] TreeSquid28 as ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ: No way! Really?
Justin: Haha, so true.
Justin: I heard SocialNeko is back up, heard they changed the URL to socialneko.co
[LOCK] TreeSquid28 as ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ: Literally 1984
HersheyBlue: happy
SwiftlyFox: I'd say "who knows maybe one day they'll pop in to give an o7 for 3DSPlaza and we'll see each other again" but that's unrealistic.
SwiftlyFox: I hope the few friends I made here in my time are doing okay. I remember at least some.
twilight12: So, I hope you all are doing very well. Childhood was a really long time ago wasn't it? Anyway, follow my insta to keep in touch @afinessemaster . Surprised I didn't get banned so many years ago lol
twilight12: Hi all. This is an interesting set of circumstances. I was going through some saved passwords on my Google and found this site again. I tried to log in with my actual old account, but clearly have forgotten the password after YEARS. So here am I, on an old friend's account whose password I had saved
M Carmilla: pokerface
SwiftlyFox: 3DSPlaza would be best kept as a good memory would it not?
gurgles1071: Hello and hi to the peeps i hung with back then qwq
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