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Lani milked the cow first this hour! (0 other users failed)
O Robdeprop: Good morning people
Arctic has 55779 3DSPoints!
Arctic as Use discord : Just use discord
niceguy39 as William: HELLO?

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Nala as TheDisneyFeline: @1SG-Darius /bal
1SG-Darius: i forgot the command to check 3dspoints
1SG-Darius: !points
1SG-Darius: suppiez
chrisX: hi
SMOGamerX: When is he going to make a new site instead of trying to revive this?
Esteve: i think its cool that there's just the chat, that's how it all started anyways, just a simple shoutbox
Arctic as Use discord : Why is this still a thing?
Esteve: nice
DarkJolteonPup: DISCORD WHY
M Lani: i
Boo: h
Catnip: love to randomly check in here from time to time. graduating college next weekend
ColdFire: Rob. I need csplit. I got it far and square during the plaza days
Boo: Just timeout is fine
Boo: @Robdeprop From the site? That would be kind of funny actually. Not that I'm saying you should ban me though...
[Savo] 360xspeed as Savo: Hmm
[Savo] 360xspeed as Savo: Fr
XSTREAMSHOOT: If you do want to learn more about me, if you remember me, I'm XG Stephen or XG on most platforms 👋
XSTREAMSHOOT: I didn't post much on the website however I did chat semi frequently years back.
M Lani: No friggin way I finally remembered my password
[Terr] ScootsRiver as Penka ~ π: This is ScootsRiver/LeviJW. It was nice knowing y'all. At least a few of you. lol
[Terr] ScootsRiver as Penka ~ π is gay
[Terr] ScootsRiver as Penka ~ π: o7
SMOGamerX: Eyyyo
SonicBoss1: Yeooooo
NI69 as Lυиα Heαят: im going to miss this place
SMOGamerX: Hello
Esteve: nice
SMOGamerX: Lol
ColdFire: Okay. Good luck with that
SMOGamerX: So as of right now I'll be checking here more often to see if anyone is on
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: query Boo: member
Nala has 424 3DSPoints!
Nala as TheDisneyFeline: UwU

Nala milked the cow first this hour! (0 other users failed)
Esteve: such is life
M Carmilla: i have the money
Carmilla has 79836 3DSPoints!
M Carmilla: Rob let me buy plaza
pippi363: The world is quiet here...
ColdFire: Dr minty fresh. I think we were friends on playstation. Unless it's some reference idk about
ColdFire: I'm sorry @MonstarModz maybe you had a name change? I didn't think people would actually remember me ;-;
SkylerBreeze~: i hope we’re able to see our old PMs soon lol
SkylerBreeze~: omg
Windowsxp: Yeah, and also what I forgot to mention is, yeah your right, whoever that was slandering my name in SomeLuigiBot all those years ago, I do have autism. I have Asperger's, which I've learned to be more social with.
Windowsxp: I might have became a furry. Was it because of this site? Probably not. Did it introduce me to the concept of "being a furry"? Yeah, I'd say so. Was I based for not caring if you were a furry or not? Yes.
Windowsxp: I just want to say, I'm sorry about the times I spammed the chat, really I am. But when I was a kid I was just a lonely autistic child on the internet trying to find friends. In the end, I guess it still made a difference, because I still do talk to people on this website on Discord to this day.
Windowsxp: Anyways, I just wanna give you guys a moment to think back on when I had this account fully active. Did you ever think to yourself that I was like 8 years old in 2013? 10 years later and I'm a very different person now. Very, very different. Me from 2013 wouldn't be able to tell that I'm the same.
Windowsxp: SomeLuigi?
qwp789: To think that this website was the main reason for my career choice, for better or for worse
TRS SomeLuigi: o/
Saya: hey whatsup guys
MonstarModz: @ColdFire you already forgot? Ooof

DrMintyFresh milked the cow first this hour! (0 other users failed)
SMOGamerX: If anyone seeing this, my name now is Berberderk. Search it on YouTube and you will see that I make videos often. Make sure to subscribe if interested and feel free to chat with me. I'll see you there
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