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coolgirl27965: there's no one to deride meee
coolgirl27965: my problems have all gone
M Carmilla: no here besiiiiiiiiiiide meeeee
M Carmilla: oh im all alone
borfmcborf: Hi
borfmcborf: Miss plaza
M Carmilla: @1999 lmk if you get a response, I had previously looked into purchasing the site as well

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coolgirl27965: will somebody let me milk them. preferably a cow
Nin10dude789: I saw Discord Link. It's EbolaGW if anyone wonders.
Nin10dude789: yes
TrainerRed1: troll
coolgirl27965: oh my god i got in
SwiftlyFox: had stayed active on here, there were good memories
SwiftlyFox: I wish i
SwiftlyFox: o7
1999: ngl, still wonder how I got the Sh*T emoji..I remember asking DrakeJericho back in 2014..
1999: lmaooo.
1999: I wish I was a mod. Shame it isn't reality... facepalm

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1999: This design is obviously out of date, and a different purpose/functionality would be necessary.
1999: Agreed. Tbh I was drunk af when writing that.. LMAO
SMOGamerX: Hopefully Rob will work on making another site, he should bring back the nostalgia however he shouldn't make it like 3DSPlaza but similar
Fayne_Aldan: 🤔
1999: laddergoat.. Robdeprob*^ (Rob Van De Berg)
1999: needs updated. send me a text, or email me
1999: Sorry, Robdeprob* . Listen man, I understand, I proposed this before..Like in 2014-2015. At the time I was 15. I'm 23 nearly 24 now. I joined on my 12th birthday, in 2011. I'd love to bring this back. Lot's of nostalgia speaking, but I think I can make this work given the time. Obviously Code
1999: Email: [email protected]
1999: Cell: 1+ 901-422-1023
1999: im drunk..whoops. damn. Rop..how much would you accept for the site? I'd love to bring this site back!
1999: bruch
RaWr2YoU: Shocked I remembered my login! Affiance, Redfire13, Cool22, Chicarito2 and Juan miss you guys and hope you’re doing well! All love <3
M Carmilla: Just my weekly reach out, Uh Pete, you see this homie, im sorry
Justin: HUAH don't forget about Misdew.com bud, we have a Discord as well, link at the bottom of the page! Alright, logging out now!!! Bye!!
M Carmilla: milk milk lemonade

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dd: thanks everyone who contributed to 3dsplaza, I have great memories!
dd: it's sad is now so
dd: found a paper some times ago with my old credentials
Gold: Nope, just your wife troll
[Ice] iceman as Mr.Cuss: Blake hates my wife, and women in general
SMOGamerX: Just to let everyone know (even tho most won't care) my name on YouTube is Berberderk. SMO GamerX is dead now so feel free to check out my YouTube channel. Feel free to talk to me on YouTube and I use an app called Rumble so feel free to check it out if interested
Shalala: epicface
JustGoToSleep: And rip to all the dead 3dsplaza users
JustGoToSleep: Miss all my friends here hope life is wel and y’all aren’t dead
CreatorOne as Beefstew1997: wonder where she is now
CreatorOne as Beefstew1997: I remember I used to talk with Pin on Kik but we stopped talking years ago
CreatorOne as Beefstew1997: 2015
CreatorOne as Beefstew1997: I don't think I've logged in since like
CreatorOne as Beefstew1997: cannot believe this website is still up
CreatorOne as Beefstew1997: omg
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