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Chat Rules

Last updated: 07th June 2018

1.    Do not attempt to get around the censor and keep uncensored swearing to a minimum.
2.    Keep conversations appropriate.
3.    Be reasonably civil and polite at all times, even if you disagree with someone. Do not use racist language.
4.    No drama — no exceptions. Report issues to a chat moderator.
5.    Do not insult, discriminate or do anything else considered malicious towards other users.
6.    Do not spam or flood — don't post similar messages multiple times or useless messages.
7.    Do not share (links to) content that would be deemed inappropriate.
8.    Do not advertise — while sharing a link is fine when interest is shown, repeating the posting of a URL is simply not acceptable.
9.    Direct links only — do not share links that would obfuscate where the user would actually be taken to if they were to visit a link (i.e. URL shorteners).
10.  Online dating and cybering is not allowed.
11.  Do not ask for or share personal information, such as passwords, phone numbers or addresses, regardless of whether it is yours.
12.  Do not mini-mod — do not pretend to be a moderator.
13.  If you have an issue with a user, staff member or you would like to dispute a ban, either contact them or (another) staff member (admin) — do not complain in public. In regards to bans, they are not for public debate, we get the final say, and you should use a valid email address under your account for verification purposes.
14.  Do not ask, beg or demand for any collectibles or privileges — this includes but not limited to: 3DSPoints, icons, commands, and staff positions.
15.  Do not attempt to impersonate staff or other users.
16.  Do not create more than one account or use someone else's account — if you wish to have another account for someone else or to switch accounts, contact a staff member. If you no longer have access to your account, contact an admin using one of the contact methods (preferably email).
17.  Use username colour(s) that are completely and clearly visible.
18.  Only use legible English in public posts. Do use a translator if you have trouble doing so.
19.  Be ethical.
20.  Use common sense — not everything can be covered. Basically, don't do anything bad and you'll be fine.

Please follow the rules to keep it safe and fun for everyone.
Have fun!

Chatroom Selection

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Chatroom 'Roleplayer' is only for roleplaying!
Open discussion is disencouraged in this room.[05Nov2016]
Furthermore, roleplay hijacking (i.e. entering another's roleplay without permission) and character hijacking (using another's original character without permission) are forbidden. Ergo, be nice.[05Apr2015]

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